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Knit beret beautiful crocheting in the fall and spring

Original hats, caps and caps, crocheted, not only warm their owners, but also make their appearance more attractive and elegant.

takes a crochet for autumn
Lace hats fit into any image,perfectly in harmony with any outer clothing, be it a coat, jacket or raincoat. In this article we will tell you how to crochet with a crochet for autumn and spring. Such a headdress will not only protect your head from bad weather, but will also emphasize the beauty and attractiveness of your proprietress. Made of linen, cotton or half-woolen yarn, this demi-season beret will change any image, make it more sensual, feminine and romantic.

the scheme is beret for the autumn

We tie up the crochet: for autumn and spring we prepare a fashionable hat

The manufacture of any beret must begin withremoval of measurements. The main of them, necessary for work, is the circumference of the head. You can measure it by fixing a centimeter tape 2 cm above the eyebrow line, to grow above the ears and on the protruding point of the occiput. After you remove the measurement, you should prepare materials and tools. In order to tie a crochet for autumn / spring, decide which headgear you want to make - lighter, delicate, voluminous, or, conversely, sturdy and warm, made with columns without a crochet or with a crochet. As a rule, on not too "magnificent" headdress it is required about 200 - 250 g of a yarn. Also, prepare a hook, scissors and a centimeter tape.

Crochet Crochet Technology

As a rule, all hats are madein the following way. First, a "bottom" is tied. Then they begin to make increases, until they take up the necessary volume, and finally, they begin to make the reduction, to the necessary circumference of the head. In addition, they perform a single or double band. In the event that the drawing chosen for crocheting beret differs a special complexity, the product is made in parts, and then these fragments are joined. The magazines feature a variety of beret crochet patterns for the fall. Here's one of them.

Crochet schemes for autumn
And we propose to tie a very feminine beretfrom white yarn. We advise novice needlewomen to take a reading of the scheme with special attention. It is convenient to draw it on paper and mark the already penciled rows with a pencil.

An uncomplicated scheme is taken by crocheting for autumn

So, to create this charmingdemi-season headgear you will need a yarn of white color 240 m / 50 g (100% cotton) and hook number 2. Knitting begins with the execution of six air loops and closing them in a ring. After that, three EPs are made for lifting and 15 columns with a crochet are performed. Close the knitting with a semicolumn. The second row starts with three lifting loops, 5 VPs and one CH are performed. The circuit is repeated seven more times and completes the series with a connecting loop. The third row starts knitting with three EPs and two SNs. The element is then executed: "two VI + 6 CH". repeat it 7 more times. The series is completed by two air loops, three pillars with a crochet and a connecting loop.

We continue to perform a beautiful demi-season headdress

The following series are knit by analogy with the third, butadditions are made for two SNs in each "petal". After the width of the element from the columns with the crochet reaches 30 pieces, two rows are executed without increments. And after they begin to make deductions, gradually removing one CH in the "petals". The binding is carried out until there are no more than 12 CHs left in them. At the end, one row is executed from the crocheted columns. The knitting of the beret is completed by making a round (8 rows in rows without crochets). That's all, your gorgeous crocheted for the fall or spring is ready. Decorate it with a beautiful brooch, a knitted flower, buttons or beads. Finishing the product can be as you like. Here you can show your imagination and decorate the product at will.