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Knitting with knitting needles from the neck with buckle in front

Spring is coming closer, more and more often charming charmersthey are reconsidering their demi-season wardrobe and are tormented by thoughts that there is nothing in it ... Stunning! A beauty - women of fashion very much want to amaze everyone with their uniqueness and charm. And the best way to turn your clothes into an amazing collection of exclusive models is knitting. Openwork sweaters, cardigans, all kinds of vests, made with their own hands, are extremely diverse and will bring a certain charm to the collection of clothes of the most fashionable woman of fashion.

In general, knitting with knitting needles is easiestPerform without a seam - on the circular spokes from the gate. For this model, you need to type as many loops on the spokes as required from the calculation of the neck circumference plus 5 loops per buckle. How to calculate the number of loops, you probably know.

So, knitting women's blouses from the gatebegins with a collar elastic of any width. Although, if desired, you can make a model without it, but then you should take care after completing the main stages of the neckline crochet. You can also tie the collar and sew it after completing the model.

The visco of this model of the blouse is notcircular, and after each row the product is turned inside out. Then the model itself is matched with the chosen pattern, also with a twist of knitting, but on each side of the product (at the end and beginning of the rows) 6 loops are sewn with an elastic band for fastening.

Immediately after the transition to the main clothshould begin the design of raglan. But before knitting with knitting needles, you need to make the necessary calculations: the number of all loops (let it be, for example, 40) must be reduced to a specific design number, that is, to subtract the edge and one side of the buckle, as it is overlapped and does not participate in width. In our case, it looks like this: 40 - 2 (border) - 6 (buckle) = 32. Now divide this number by 4, 32: 4 = 8 - this is the number of hinges of the backrest and each sleeve. Before us, we have a clamped buckle, so on both shelves we have 8 + 6 + 2 = 16, and each separately 16: 2 = 8 - together with the edges.

Further knitting with knitting needles is complicatedthe implementation of the increase in the loops in the places of registration of raglan. When knitting on the front side from one edge, we sew 8 loops with the main pattern (we do not forget about the buckle and the edge pattern) and make a cape. When you have another loop, you need to make a crochet again. Thus, a "regular seam" is made out. Next, we knit 7 hinges of the sleeves (one "left" for the seam) and again form the place of the increase in the loops. 7 backrest loops, "regular seam", 7 sleeves loops, the last addition of loops - and we fix the series according to the figure. During the binding of the purl series, we sew the nakidae with the purlins.

So you should knit untilthe connection of the edges of the shelves and the back in the place where the sleeves are made will not be freely connected under the arm. At this point knitting with knitting needles goes to the stage of the model without sleeves. Therefore, the hinges for the sleeves should be transferred to the spare thread and make sure that they do not "run away" from it.

Immediately after tying the shelf to the mainthe spokes of the back are crossed, then the loops of the other shelf, and knitting continues to the bottom of the product. If desired, the bottom is formed with an elastic band or without it, and the hinges are closed.

Now you should pay attention to the sleeves of the model. They can be knit simply with a cloth, followed by stitching (if the drawing requires the wrong side of the knitting) or round. After completing the sleeves, it is necessary to sew on the buttons or leave the blouse with a sweatshirt. You can make one large buckle at the gate or one - at the waist. This is how the imagination will tell her.

In the meantime, the grass has not yet turned green in the yard andwalk you have to put on a winter coat that has bothered for winter, rather sit down for knitting - do not forget, this spring you just have to be the most attractive and irresistible!