/ Shadow pattern with knitting needles. Scheme and description

Shadow pattern knitting. Scheme and description

Shadow pattern knitting, a diagram with a description of whichwill be provided in the article, not only easy to perform, but also looks very beautiful in the finished product. Such patterns consist of a sequence of front and back loops in a certain sequence. In this technique, you can perform geometric patterns, for example, zigzag, diagonals, stripes, squares and others. But the geometry of the possibility of shadow patterns is not limited, in this technique you can perform whole pictures: portraits, landscapes, still lifes.

shadow pattern knitting needles

Let us consider in more detail what knitting is like by knitting. Shadow patterns (schemes attached) will supplement your collection of simple but interesting knitted ornaments.

What to associate with shadow patterns

Let's figure out what constitutesshadow pattern with knitting needles. The scheme is perfect for making plaids or cloaks for chairs and chairs. The drawing turns out to be volumetric, interesting and does not require yarn of different colors. It is well suited for knitting men's things. Men do not like bright ornate ornaments, and knit simple smooth often becomes boring, here in the help comes the opportunity to tie the shadow pattern with knitting needles.

Its scheme can be used for any product -both for children and adults. They can decorate a sweater, a cardigan, a sleeveless jacket, a snuff or a hat. Another plus of shadow patterns is that they are two-sided, which is perfect for knitting scarves and stoles.

Selection of yarn and tools

Knitting of shadow patterns is suitable for any yarn,but more clearly the pattern will be read on the canvas, connected from a thick volumetric yarn. So the product will look impressive and stylish, even if the drawing is very simple. You can take ready-made thick yarn, or fold a more thin thread.

Needles need the size recommendedmanufacturer of selected yarn. But if you need a dense, inelastic cloth, for example, for a blanket, take the needles one-and-a-half the size smaller. If you take a tool of a larger size, then there is a risk that the canvas will turn out too loose, and the pattern is not clear enough.

shadow patterns with knitting needles and description

Schemes and description

Shadow patterns with knitting needles (schemes and description to whichwill be performed) only from the alternation of the front and back loops. The description for such patterns is enclosed in an exact sequence of loops. It is important to properly observe the order so that the picture does not "get lost".

We will analyze the shadow pattern with knitting needles (diagram on the photo) withhearts. In the front rows, all the loops, which are indicated on the scheme with white cells, are tied with facial ones, and those marked with red need to be knitted with purl. In the purlins, that is, in all even rows, we act on the contrary: white cells are sewn with the wrong loops, red ones with facial loops. The pattern is two-sided. On the front side, the hearts will be voluminous, with the background - background.

knitting needles

The scheme of the figure with the lock is more complicated due to its size. Proceed in the same way as in the first case, the main thing is to carefully read the diagram.

For the convenience of working with such drawings, you can print out the scheme and mark the knotted areas with a pencil.