/ Spatial braid: description. Hat with solid braids spokes

Spatial braid: description. Hat with solid braids spokes

Patterns of braids are diverse!Depending on the number of typed loops, distinguish between symmetrical and asymmetrical weave, braid and large braids. Each picture has its own purpose. Usually, such ornaments are used for winter things: sweaters, cardigans, hats, scarves. A classic pattern called "volumetric braid" with knitting needles is the basis of a warm knitted dress.

A bit of theory

Before you take the knitting needles, you need to decide what you need more. The fact is that patterns-weave are created by special technique. A voluminous braid with knitting needles is no exception.

solid braid

Drawing is carried out with the help of an additional knitting needle. In the process of knitting, pattern loops are transferred to it. Replace the special tool can a hairpin or a large pin.

Crossing the pattern is done in two ways.In the first loop, removed on the additional spoke, remain before the canvas, in the second - behind it. Complex ornaments are formed by several interweaving in one row.


A three-dimensional braid is knitted with knitting needles,understand the principle. The basis consists of an even number of loops. The example below shows a pattern of 12 loops. The height of the rapport is eight rows, crossovers are performed in every fourth row:

  • 4th row: 4 facial, symmetrical crossing of 8 loops (additional spoke behind the canvas);
  • 8th row: symmetrical crossing of 8 loops (additional spoke in front of the canvas), 4 facial.

cap with braided spines

How will the pattern look after the end of knitting? Sumptuously! It is necessary to decorate it on the left and right with the reverse side. In the cap, the braids follow one another without division.

Winter hat from braid

After the drawing is mastered, you can proceed to its implementation in the objects of the wardrobe. A cap with three-dimensional braids is made in the standard way.

Step 1. Calculation and selection of loops.

Measuring the girth of the head and tying the sample,calculate the number of loops. It is better, if the example of the pattern will be tied not with one rapport, but with two or three. This will increase the accuracy of the calculations. It should be noted that the hat begins with the gum, so this pattern should also be tied and counted.

Step 2. Start.

The first five centimeters of the product are made with an elastic band. The number of alternating front and back loops is chosen equal to two. Elastic knit knitting needles for half the size less than for the main pattern.

Step 3. A voluminous spit with knitting needles.

Next, the headdress is continued to knit with a pattern from the crossings until the cap reaches the required height.

Step 4. Decrease.

After 4-5 cm, the drawing starts to make a smooth decrease. As a result, there should remain 6 loops, which are pulled together by one thread.

hat with solid braids

So, the stylish and fashionable wardrobe is finished. The finished product is sewn (if straight knitting needles were used).

Final Tips

The knitted cap with knitting needles, the voluminous braid of which forms the basis of the drawing, looks original. In conclusion, accept some recommendations regarding her decoration:

  • pompon made of fur or wool will bring playfulness - it will be appreciated by children and adolescents;
  • gradient transition colors of the fabric will make the knitted product elegant and feminine.