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How to sew a bear on a pattern with your own hands

Good-natured well-fed bears adore everything, and almost everyone in childhood had a favorite bear cub.

You can plunge back into those happy days, make yourself a bear for a pattern of mohair cloth, faux fur, fleece, flannel, bright gaudy rags.

Bear Pattern

You do not need much time and patience, but as a result, you will get an excellent unique toy.

If you sew a bear in a pattern for your child, it will be his favorite bear - a talisman, to which he will rejoice even when he grows up.

Prepare for sewing

First you need to prepare everything you need to work.

For the first stage of making patterns, you need paper, pen, tracing paper or transparent polyethylene, scissors.

Take also thread with a needle, sintepon. Eyes can be bought ready (with moving pupils) and glued, you can pick up buttons or embroider. Need a black thread for the nose, glue.

The color of the material will suit anyone: in brown tones, blue, pink, white, green, flowered, cell. Do not limit your imagination.

For this model, you can use both smooth and fleecy flaps.

We sew the bear

The accuracy of the pattern of the bear from the fabric largely determines the success of the event.

Print it out, copy it onto a tracing paper, carefully cut it out. Lay out the details on the fabric or fur, make sure that you have enough.

On the front side, mark the location of the eyes and nose.

By the same pattern, you can easily tailor clothes for the mishut, ryoshonki, sarafan or shorts, given the size and features of the figure.

Having reduced details, it is possible to make bears-children, and having tried, to collect the whole family.

Pin the details of the trunk on the fabric with the purlhand, so that they do not move, circle a shallow or thin piece of soap. Pay attention to the number of parts. Cut, leaving small allowances on the seams, connect the parts by hand or manually from the wrong side.

Patterns of bears by own hands

It is important to correctly make the notches (green lines onfigure), so that the trunk, when turned out, took the desired shape. In places of bends, cut the fabric perpendicular to the seam, not reaching it literally 1-2 mm. Do not overdo it.

Connect the resulting parts, leaving a smallgap in an inconspicuous place to stuff a toy with a sintepon. With its help, you need to shape the figure so that it is evenly packed, looked smooth, without failures, the paws had the same thickness. The toy should be like the one pictured in the picture. Sew the hole with a hidden seam.

The final touch is embroidering the nose with black thread. The main thing in this model is that everything should be symmetrical.

Triangular or round nose embroider exactly in the middle, and above it, sew an eye-button. On the legs, you need to make four stitching stitches, indicating the claws.

Tie a nice bow to the bear, think of a name for him!

Children are also involved!

If the child is small, enough that hewatched as you sew a bear on a pattern. Observation for children is also learning, they get acquainted with the magic process of creativity, remember what you are doing.

For kids a real miracle, when from simplepieces of cloth on their eyes there is a wonderful bear. The child can help. Give him the paper, draw a teddy bear, let him try to cut it. An older child can be taught to use a thread with a needle, to make the first stitches.

Mishka - the best gift

Having mastered the art of sewing bears on a pattern, you can always solve the issue with gifts for the New Year, for birthday and for Valentine's Day. You can leave the toy to yourself as a talisman.

Pattern of a bear made of cloth

On such a simple pattern of a bear, everyone can do by their own hands.

Children like this model, because the toy is easy, it is convenient to wear, take on walks and in the kindergarten. Bears of different sizes can decorate your interior, bring in it a note of warmth and comfort.