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Help in the designation of knitting with knitting needles

People are knitting from a long time. Who exactly was the creator of the handicraft so beloved for many people, it was not possible to establish exactly. During the excavations, children's things were found, which, according to historians, are woven from the thread long before our era. Today knitting is a favorite activity for many not only women, but also men. Doctors and psychologists note that people engaged in this kind of needlework are more balanced and calm. Knitting can always be taken with you. The tuft of threads and spokes do not take up much space. In any free moment you can enjoy your favorite pastime. Modern knitters have developed different ways of weaving loops. In order to convey their discoveries to other needlewomen, everything is recorded in charts. The created symbols for knitting with needles help to understand the pattern.

conventions for knitting

Loop symbols

Beginning needlewomen often ariseThe difficulty in tying a new drawing. Therefore, experienced masters have been invented special icons and symbols, with the help of which it is easier to figure out where and in what case what loops need to be tied. Typically, the pattern is drawn on the cells. Each cell is labeled as a loop, and an icon is placed in it. For example, the front loop is "v", the wrong loop "-", the cape is "O", and thus each loop is indicated. Such symbols, arranged in a certain order, are considered a circuit. This simplifies knitting with knitting needles. The notation of the loops helps to make the pattern correctly.

knitting with hinges

Knitting Patterns

Masters and experienced knitters developeda lot of different schemes for any patterns. In each of them there are conventional symbols. When knitting with knitting needles, special symbols are marked with symbols in cages. The diagram of the figure depends on the interlacing of the loops, on their number. It often happens that there is only a fragment of the picture on it. In this case, the rows are denoted and each loop is marked with a symbol. Beginner knitters should only watch carefully, in which row what loop and in what order to be tied. Very simple knitting patterns. Legend is easily deciphered. Working with the drawing will be easy.

knitting patterns

Knitting by scheme

Before you start, you should first studyknitting pattern. It shows the rapport of the picture. This is the main fragment. On it it is necessary to calculate the number of loops for the product. It is important to take into account the moment that the drawing should be located at the center of the product or be symmetrical. If you carefully consider the conventions when knitting with knitting needles, you can see where the method of tying is used. A diagram is a detailed instruction, in which each step is indicated. There are different loops - crossed, elongated, double, with a crochet - and for each there are certain conventions for knitting with knitting needles. All of them are depicted in the instructions. Usually, next to the schema, there is always a detailed description of each tying. If different patterns are used in the product, different schemes will be attached.