/ / Symbol of the New Year 2014 in every house, or How to sew a horse with your own hands

Symbol of the New Year 2014 in every house, or How to sew a horse with your own hands

The new 2014 is the year of the Horse. But how to meet the advancing, if the house does not have this "hoofed"? Horse paper, textile, wooden - no matter what. The main thing is that on the night of December 31 to January 1, you have a symbol of the New Year in your home. And then good luck and happiness will necessarily settle in your family. Do not believe me? And you check. Smaster yourself with at least a small figure of the horse, put it in a prominent place in the house - and very soon you will notice the changes in your life for the better. In this article, we provide your review material, which describes in detail how to sew a horse with his own hands from the fabric. Symbol of the New Year, made of textiles, will not only decorate the home, but also your children's favorite toy.

to sew one's own horse

How to sew a toy horse from a fabric: a master class for beginners

For work, prepare such materials:

  • Textiles (felt, cotton, linen, knitwear);
  • thread for knitting (wool, acrylic);
  • filler (cotton wool, sintepon, holofayber);
  • buttons - 2 pieces;
  • needle;
  • thread for sewing under the color of the fabric;
  • scissors;
  • paper.

Before sewing a horse with their own hands,it is necessary to execute a template. On paper, draw a silhouette of the future product or its individual parts, cut out and transfer to a fabric folded in half. Leaving the contour 1-1.5 centimeters, cut out the patterns of the parts. Then sew them from the wrong side. This can be done manually or manually. If the product you perform from felt, then you can connect the parts on the front side with a seam "over the edge" with colored threads. At the bottom of the article, where the belly has a tummy, leave a small hole. Through it, turn out the workpiece, align all the details and fill them with filler. Sew a hole in small stitches. In order for the toy to be stable, on the bottom of the legs you need to insert discs made of cardboard or plastic, which coincide in diameter with the circumference of the limbs. The basis of the textile knight is made.

You already can sew a horse. Now we learn how to make mane and tail for it. From the yarn, cut slices of 10-15 centimeters and, folding them twice, sew on the center of the head in the direction from the forehead to the back. The same lengths, and prepare for the design of the tail. Tie them in the middle and sew them to the back of the figure. Use buttons as an eye. If your toy is female, then on the mane you can hang a bow, if the male - on the neck a bow tie. The textile horse is ready!

stitch a horse

Simple and fast, or How to sew a horse with your own hands from the sock

Such an element of clothing, as a sock, isexcellent material for the manufacture of toys. Fill it with filler - and the head of the horse is ready. Make a mane of yarn, scraps of fabric or plastic bags. If you tie this head of the ungulate on a long stick, you get a toy for the child, on which he can jump, like a rider. Make a bridle from tape or braid, eyes - from beads or buttons.

to sew a toy horse

Sew a horse with their own hands, it turns out, not soand difficult, as it seemed at first glance. Give this lesson only one evening, and the original symbol of the New Year 2014 will settle in your house for a long time. Fruitful to you creativity and good luck!