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How to make a cosmetic bag with your own hands

Do not know how to make a cosmetic bag? With your own hands, you can make any option: from the most elementary to complex. Read the tips. Choose the right idea.


In order for you to get the correct and accurate pattern of the cosmetic bag yourself, you need to prepare the following:

  • ruler;
  • pencil;
  • eraser;
  • thin paper (it is more convenient to attach it with pins to the fabric), for example, millimeter (it already has a marking, so it will be easier to draw lines);
  • scissors.

To sew a finished product, you will need these things:

  • cloth or leather (the substitute will also work);
  • pins;
  • chalk or remnant;
  • scissors;
  • needle;
  • thread;
  • sewing machine;
  • lightning, velcro or button;
  • braid, strap, chain - to perform the loop, for which it is convenient to take and carry the product;
  • decorative elements (flowers, bows, beads, beads).

As you can see, we need a standard set of elements for sewing. Even a loop and decor for a cosmetic bag is easy to make independently of the same material as the base.

make up your own makeup card

Which option to choose

First, determine what pattern will becosmetic bags. With your own hands, you can make both simple workpieces from one part, and complex products that require a large number of seams in the future. Beautician can be made as follows:

  • flat (rectangular);
  • three-dimensional (in the form of a cylinder);
  • any geometric shape (oval, square, etc.)
  • complex configuration (heart, lips, fish, mouse).

Depending on the type, the pattern of the product will also change. The harder and more voluminous the form, the more parts, and accordingly, the workpieces from paper, will be required.

How to sew a beautician yourself: patterns

You have two options:

  1. Find and print the finished template on a suitable scale.
  2. Draw the drawing yourself.

The choice depends on your experience and the complexity of the product. If the cosmetic bag consists of one detail with fold lines - making a pattern will not be difficult even for a beginner needlewoman. And if you decide to create something complicated with a lot of details, it's easier to print out the finished drawing. The main thing is to find a suitable sample and have a printer at hand.

Very simple template

By the blank below,a standard rectangular cosmetic bag with your hands. Patterns of similar products can easily be made from a normal album sheet without any formulations and preliminary markup with calculations.

self-made makeup pattern

Everything is very clear.

  1. Take a rectangular sheet of paper with elongated proportions.
  2. Visually divide it into approximately three equal parts.
  3. Perform two fold lines at an equal distance from one edge.
  4. The remaining part (this will be the bend on the frontside of the product) cut obliquely. Note that the part should be slightly smaller than the previously taken distances. If necessary, trim the outer edge.

The simplest template is executed.

Procurement is more complicated

Also, one more patchwork of the cosmetic bag can be made by one's own hands. A variant of such a product from leather or from a substitute will look very good.

make-up with your own hands photo pattern

If for some reason you do not want to print out the template, build it on the graph paper yourself in any proportions.

Patterned makeup with your own hands made of leather

To ensure that everything turned out neatly and smoothly,preliminary marking. Note the central vertical guide. It will allow not only to build symmetrically all the details, but also determine the location of fastening the button-fastener. Also draw at once three horizontals at the same distance from each other. The rest is done on the ruler using the millimeter grid. Form and dimensions you can take any: exactly repeat the pattern or slightly change.

Beautiful cosmetic bag with your own hands: photo-pattern

The section is named that way, because belowa collection of illustrations with the stages of product execution is presented. It shows that the pattern in this example is not used at the first stage of the work. If you like this idea, act as follows.

1. Cut out a rectangle from the fabric, execute several creases on it exactly one after another, and tighten them.

make up your own makeup card

2. Light the resulting workpiece.

make up your own makeup card

3. Cut a pattern of any suitable shape from the paper and, applying it to the sewn workpiece, circle with a pencil or chalk.

make up your own makeup card

4. Sew the perimeter, slightly receding from the line. Cut directly on the drawn contour.

make up your own makeup card

5. Attach the zipper, eyelet and another detail of the same size, pre-folding them with the front sides inside.

make up your own makeup card

6. Turn the product out on the front side and stitch the trim seam on the front side, moving away from the edge so that the seam that connects the base parts is inside. You will have a neat edge both on the outside and on the underside.

make up your own makeup card

Here is such a simple pattern can be madecosmetic bags with their own hands. One detail, cut from paper, and what an original and beautiful it turns out an accessory! Form and size, you can choose absolutely any, preserving the design, that is, decorating the folds.

Option for experienced

Have you tried to make a make-up yourself? Patterns presented above, consist of a small number of parts or even one. If you have mastered the creation of these accessories and templates for them, you can try the idea presented below.

makeup with your own hands

In this diagram, the details are already indicated with allowanceson the seams. The name "Base" refers to the face of the product. The lining can be made of both the same material and the other. This is the inside of the product.

So, you saw how beautiful can bemade a cosmetic bag with their own hands. Patterns can be used the simplest, which can not be difficult to draw and cut yourself. Add a variety in the design of the product can be using an unusual decor.