/ / Do Decoupage on the plastics with their own hands is not very difficult

Decoupage on plastic with their own hands is not very difficult

Decoupage today is considered one of the mostpopular kinds of applied art. Many people are fond of it, often craftsmen manage to create unusually attractive products that serve to decorate the interior, giving it special warmth and comfort.

Decoupage on plastic
Use decoupage techniques for differentmaterials. Very attractive look decorated fabrics, tiles and ceramic surfaces, traditionally decoupage is used for decoration and restoration of wooden furniture, glass. The low price, affordability and variety of plastic products have made decoupage on plastic today one of the most popular.

Having studied the technique of performing the work,unrecognizability to transform the most usual flower pots, trays, decor elements, jewelry and accessories. Decoupage on plastic will make it possible to turn the most ordinary and faceless objects of consumer goods into unique works of art.

How everything works

It's very easy to do decoupage on plastic, even a beginner will cope with this task, but for impeccable execution of the finish you will need a desire, patience, accuracy.

Decoupage by own hands
The first thing to take care of ispreliminary preparation of the plastic surface. It is the treatment of the surface of the product with a liquid containing alcohol. If it is too smooth, it should be treated with sandpaper-nulevkoy to have some roughness. Then, the self-prepared primer (a mixture of gypsum with water and glue) should be applied to the surface in a very thin layer, allow to dry and sandpaper. To perform high-quality decoupage with your own hands, the procedure should be repeated several times. The foundation for our future creation must be solid.

Acrylic paint, which will serve as a background for decoupage, is applied to the primer. While it will dry, you can do the cutting of pictures that will make a beautiful decoupage on the plastic.

Decoupage of kitchen furniture
The source for motives can be three-layerednapkins, beautiful wrapping paper, glossy magazines, a picture printed on the printer, you can also buy special cards for decoupage. The selected images are neatly cut out.

Next, you should paste them on the already driedpainted surface. For work you will need PVA glue. If the picture is cut from a napkin, then the glue can be diluted with water, for a more rigid material it is not diluted! It should be applied a lot, without leaving dry areas. To stick a picture it is necessary cautiously, smoothing it with the help of a brush, starting from the center. It is best to learn how to first paste pictures on a flat surface, convex will require certain skills of work. To get the best result, you can paste the picture in parts, this will allow you to align the image well. The dried surface is then varnished in 3 or 4 layers.

To make the interior particularly attractiveToday it is customary to decorate not only small interior items, often perform decoupage of kitchen furniture, tables, chairs, chests of drawers or cabinets for living rooms and bedrooms.