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Knitting patterns for cardigans for women. Knitting for Beginners

Knitting patterns of cardigans for womenwill help any needlewoman to fill up her wardrobe with a stylish and trendy thing. Knitted cardigans are not out of fashion for a season, only the silhouette changes. In this season in vogue voluminous jackets over-siz, as if from someone else's shoulder. The mating of such things is large and voluminous, due to what the thing looks slightly careless and very stylish.

Let's consider in more detail how to tie a cardigan with knitting needles for beginners.

knitting patterns for women with knitting needles

Choosing the yarn

Knitting of winter cardigans with knitting needles (schemes forwomen will be further) better perform thick woolen yarn. In its pure form, it can be merino wool. Such yarn is very warm, soft, does not irritate the skin and does not cause itching. It is also possible to use blended yarns, for example, a combination of wool and acrylic. The product associated with such a yarn turns out to be warm and not prickly.

For a cardigan 42-44 size, you need 1000-1100 grams of yarn.

Also, you will need circular knitting needles that fit the chosen yarn in size. If you take the needles a half or two sizes larger, the product will be more friable and voluminous.

knitting winter cardigans with knitting needles for women

The main cardigan pattern

Instead of knitting cardigans knitting for women, we offer a detailed description, since the pattern is quite simple:

  • In the first (purl) row, tie one wrong loop, then make a crochet, the next two loops tie together the purl. Repeat, and at the end of the series, fasten the edge loop.
  • In the second row of the first there is a facial loop, then one eyelet is removed to the right needle, then two facial loops. Now take off the loops through the two knitted ones.
  • The third row starts with two purlins, then goes the Cape. We continue to rotate to the edge.
  • In the fourth row, the first loop should be removed on the right needle, then the two facial ones, stretched removed through the knitted ones. At the end of the row there should be a face loop.
  • The fifth row begins with the purl, then comes the napkin, the two purlins. Once, tie from the first to the fifth row, and then repeat from the second to the fifth.

The elastic band in this model cardigan is 2x2.

Knitting cardigan

cardigan with knitting needles for beginners

The patterns of knitting cardigans with knitting needles for women, as well as patterns, can be completely different. In this example, consider a model that is knitted with a single canvas.

Left shelf:

  • Type on the circular spokes about 30 loops. Begin to knit from the purl series: edge, then five loops of garter stitch, then 22 loops of elastic band.
  • Spray 10 cm and add one loop.
  • Next, in the purl strip, after the edge band and five stitch knitting loops begin to knit the main pattern that was described earlier.
  • After 20 cm add one loop before the cardigan strap. Then in each fourth row add one loop (nine times in total).
  • After measuring 38 cm, add one loop on the right side for the sleeve first, and then 2, 3, 6, 10, 20.

The right shelf is similar.

Knitting patterns for women cardigans can beand even need to adjust for each specific model individually. Do not be afraid to experiment, choose unusual models and combine them with schemes of interesting drawings.