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How to knit a girl's sarafan with knitting needles and crochet

There is nothing more pleasant for my mother than to please mybaby dresses "like an adult." Now that summer is around the corner, it's time to take care of replenishing the wardrobe with light new clothes, so we will try to figure out how to tie a sarafan for a girl.

sarafan for a girl

If you are interested in how to sew a sarafan for a girl, use ready-made patterns or copy them from the dress that fits the child in size.

We will connect the first model with knitting needles from fine yarn for children, which you can choose to your taste. For work we will need:

- Acrylic or cotton yarn;

- circular spokes, corresponding to the number of threads;

- a needle with a large eye.

Knitted sarafan for a girl

Pattern on a yoke:

The number of loops in the figure is a multiple of 4, plus 2 n edges.

1 row: we remove the first loop as edgeband, 2 facial, 3 facial, without removing from the knitting needle, cape and 3 facial, 1 facial (repeat repeat).

2nd row: in the back rows all the loops are purl.

3 row: edge, 3 facial, without removing from the knitting needle, cape and 3 facial, 1 facial (repeat repeat).

Sarafan for a girl: getting started

We type on the circular knitting needles the number of loops,which is needed for the neck, we connect them in a circle and knit an elastic band 2x2 with a height of 3 cm. Then we use a yarn of contrasting color to mark the raglan. Suppose that the loops are on the spokes 104, then we put the mark on the 1 loop, then put the loop on the armhole 21, 1 with the thread, put the 29 loops in front, 1 note, 21 on the second armhole, 1 mark, 29 remain on the back. Loops marked with a contrasting thread will form a raglan, for this we untype 3 from one.

The bodice of the sarafan is knitted with the "paw" pattern,alternate several colors of yarn every 2 rows of pattern, as seen in the photo. When the width of the transmission corresponds to the hemisphere of the chest (+2 cm), we remove the loop of the armhole onto the contrasting thread with the help of a needle and continue to knit the sarafan skirt along the circle with the facial smoothness to the required length. To the edge of the sarafan did not bend, the last rows are sewed with garter stitch or stripes: 3 rows of purlins, 3 facial, 3 purl. We close loops freely, without tightening.

On the released knitting needles we move the armhole loops andwe knit an elastic band 2x2 with a width of 3 cm, we carry out similar operations with the second armhole. Our knitted sarafan for the girl is ready, it remains neatly steamed it off with not too hot iron through the fabric.

how to make a sarafan for a girl

Sarafan for a girl crocheted: getting started

We knit a chain of air loops,corresponding to the girth of the chest (+ 3 cm). For a girl of three years it will take approximately 60 cm (= 200 loops). We connect the chain in a circle and knit a row of columns with a crochet. In the second row we alternate 3 columns with a crochet, then 2 air loops. With this pattern, we sew about 20 rows, then we narrow the bodice onto the armhole and tie it in front, forming a neckline. We tie the thread from the side of the armhole and knit separately the left and right half of the back, leaving a slit for fastening.

The skirt of a sarafan can be knit with a special feather separately andsew, or you can tie to the bottom of the bodice. We must remember that the width of the skirt should be three times the volume of the bodice, then our outfit will be beautiful, like a real princess. We perform the skirt viscous for any scheme you like. We tie the armholes and the neck with the step of steppe or festoons, we adorn the bodice of the sarafan with ribbons and knitted flowers. Our sarafan for a girl is ready!