/ Knitting a trace. Tracking - convenient and beautiful

Knitting is crocheted. Tracking - convenient and beautiful

Track is a very beautiful and useful subject inwardrobe. With the help of knitting skills, you can create not just ordinary house shots, but real masterpieces that can be put up for sale, given to friends and acquaintances.

These can be comfortable slippers or ballet shoes, according to theirthe principle will be easy to learn how to knit socks and leggings. Knitting a track will not take you much time and energy if you have at least a little owning knitting needles and crochet. If you are a beginner, then you need to start learning from simpler things, like swarfs. First, you need to learn the basic techniques of knitting (air loops, columns with and without them). In any case, sooner or later, you will master the knitting of the tracks, the main thing is the desire to create and the love of needlework. There are a lot of knitting patterns, among which you can find descriptions for beginners.

How to Knit a Track on two spokes

Usually the traces do not require large expenditures of yarn,so that you can knit them even from the remnants of thread. Cloth should not be too dense, but not free, so that it stretches well, but does not fall off your feet.

how to knit on two spokes
Type 56 spokes on the spokes and tie 14 rows. At the beginning of each row, one loop is removed, and the last one is sewn by the wrong way. Each odd number should consist of face loops, and even - from the purlins. In the odd numbers, add in the middle two nakida and two face loops. In the fifteenth you continue knitting, just do not add loops. The sixteenth row should be purl, and the next - facial. To tie the sole, remove the first loop and tie the 12 facial, the last two tie together. Unfold the canvas and repeat the same. This is knitting the tracks with two spokes. To make ready tracks look more interesting and beautiful, they need to be decorated. You can tie flowers or make pom-poms, or you can buy special ready-made jewelry from the needlework store.

When you have finished the knitting pattern, proceed to thetheir decoration. Take a beautiful yarn, suitable for making a flower. It is desirable that the thread is acrylic and not too thick. You will also need a hook. Make three airy loops and hook them into a ring - this will be the middle of the future flower. Make two lifting loops and tie two rows with columns without a crochet, at the beginning of the row do not forget about the air ring.

knitting with two spokes
In the third row, connect the three lifting loops andconnect the chain to the second loop. Repeat these manipulations until the end of the circle. Again, tie up the climb, make a crochet and in each large loop, fasten five bars. In the next two rows, repeat the previous two. So you will have a flower for a trace. Now it must be sewn. Sew should follow ordinary stitches, threads of the same color as the ones that are to be observed. In the middle of the decoration, you can paste a bead, rhinestone or decorative pebble. Look very beautifully, on which sewn ties and pom-poms. If you planned to knit a trace for a gift, be sure to decorate them, so they will look much more elegant, thereby causing admiration in others.

Continue to create and try, experiment and practice, and then you will succeed!