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Knitting for full women crochet: how to make an openwork and jacquard pattern?

Today, many women complain that theyare too full. This thought really depresses them! They think that they with every extra kilogram become disgusting, and no longer attract the attention of men who would like to meet them. In fact, in fullness, there is absolutely no vice, and many men like full women.

Another question is what to buy a stylish and fashionableclothes large enough is quite difficult. Today, beautiful clothes of large sizes, although produced, but not in the amount that would be enough for all women who have chic shapes.

However, there are many ways to fill your wardrobe with stylish, modern and comfortable clothes. It is only necessary, as they say, to apply the handles, diligence and skill. And, of course, patience!

For example, hand knitting for fat womenwill help not only to diversify the style of the lady, but also amazingly emphasize its uniqueness and charm. In the last century, some fashion trendsetter suggested that full women should wear loose clothing that supposedly hides fullness. And the tendency has gone - to make a sack-like mantle for "hiding the fullness"!

And just like all the voices hawed knitting for fat! He was generally subject to strict taboos. Like, a woman lush in a knitted product - it's tasteless and ugly. Today, most fashion designers are inclined to believe that the softness of jersey, its light fitting, looks extremely charming on any figure. It is important only to choose the right model and carefully execute it.

Particularly adorable looks prelestnitsa withRuben's forms in products made with a delicate, light décor. Knitting for full women with a crochet will help a cute little pimp to become the owner of a fashionable cardigan or shawl, a poncho with brushes or an original half-linchoo - a model with cuffs. It is not difficult to fulfill these clothes even for beginners.

To perform delicate gizmos need the firstturn to choose a drawing. One of the simplest is triangles. Knitting for fat women with the use of this drawing does not visually increase its dimensions, but on the contrary, as it were, distracts the eye precisely on the examination of the pattern.

It is extremely simple: from one column, three bars with a crochet or a column with two crochets are tied. Then the next triangle is executed after two columns are passed in the previous row, and three columns are again truncated from the third.

For more "advanced" needlewomen offeredmodel, consisting of their individual parts. It can be a variety of flowers or details of marine themes: fish, shells, sea stars or octopuses. Then they are beautifully distributed on the pattern and crochet with the help of air chains are combined into a single product.

Knitting for fat women offers ladieselegant shawls and ponchos, made by the same method - the assembly of ready-made small parts. Particularly presentable is the product from large yellow flowers, attached by air chains in a staggered order with black solid squares. Brushes or small hanging pom-poms adorn the edge of the product.

Cardigans and coats are a separate article. Knitting for fat women in these things involves a tight knit, usually a column without a crochet. If there is a desire to decorate the product with a wide strip of colored ornaments, you can easily do it. Choose the ornament that most like the future owner of a cardigan.

When knitting a jacquard pattern with a crochet, you canuse as many colors as required in this drawing. When the diagram shows that this column needs to be knitted with a different color, you need to bind the other thread to the main thread. Now the main thread is laid along the top edge of the product, the crochet crochets the column with another color, and the main thread, thus, is inside. It turns out a two-sided ornament, which looks the same from the inside as well as from the front side.

Later, using strips with an etched pattern, you can decorate any very simple outfit, making it a real outgoing dress.