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We make by ourselves denim bags

No people who would not wear jeansclothes. Everyone in the closet is a pair of old jeans. If you have long wanted to buy a comfortable bag for rest or everyday wear, then safely get old trousers and other unnecessary things from the mezzanine.

Denim Bags
Thus, you will breathe new life and free space in the closet. Make a fashionable and easy-to-carry denim bag. It will be an ideal option for both everyday work and a friendly picnic.

Denim bags have a rather interesting history. They first started doing it in the Latin American quarter. The fact is that the inhabitants did not have enough money, especially on clothes. Old jeans found their use in creating stunning handmade accessories. This thing is very versatile. With it you can go to work every day, and at the same time it is simply indispensable during a beach holiday, since you can lay absolutely everything you need on its bottom. Also, handbags made of jeans are very easy to clean from dirt.

There are things and accessories that are sewnsimply and without embarrassment, and among them, of course, are denim bags. Patterns of such products consist of two or three elements, so you can make such a thing in the shortest possible time. Let's consider several ways of creating such bags.

Denim Pattern Bags


Take the old jeans. Cut off their trousers. In the armholes sew the holes (it is better to stitch them on the sewing machine). Then attach a clasp to your belt from your jeans, which you can buy at the clothing store. From the leg make a strap and sew to the belt zone. By the way, from the fly will be an excellent pocket for all sorts of little things. Decorate the bag on your own.


Denim handbags of this model are very roomy andconvenient. Cut off both legs. So, you again got three details. Take one of the pants and turn inside out. From the second, cut a circle with the same diameter as the hole in the armhole. To the turned out leg, sew a circle from the wrong side, then turn it out again to the front. Now cut out the strap or two, at one end sew it to the bottom, and the second - to the knot, and tie the top of the bag as in a soldier's muck. If you want to create a horizontal bag, then sew two circles, and in the base leg, sew the entire length of the zipper and attach the straps along the sides. By the way, the remaining shorts can also be used. Cut off their pockets and sew them to the bag.

If your product frayed, it appearedholes, patch them with the help of interesting patches, which will give unusual and originality to your bag. Wash jeans bags in the same way as regular jeans. You can send such an accessory to the washing machine or soak in hot water.

Copies of branded bags

It is desirable to equip jeans bags with variousornaments and additions in the process of their manufacture. So, you can stitch all the patches, and they will hold more securely. If you have old items left from bags and clothes, think about how best to apply them to your bag. Do not be afraid to experiment. For denim fabric, acrylic paint is suitable, if you want to paint your masterpiece. And if you like fashion trends, then you can create copies of branded bags, just by finding suitable patterns.

For sewing it is better not to use colored and "current" jeans when washing. The fact is that during the rain, the paint can leak and stain the things that are in your bag.