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New Year's costume for girls with their own hands

New Year always pleases children with carnivalmatinees, and here to parents such holidays add trouble, after all the kid needs on such interesting celebration to be the most original to receive the desired gift and a prize from the Grandfather of the Frost.

As a rule, in educational establishments the childis a participant in any scenario, and he necessarily prescribes the role that the costume should match. A large assortment of stores these days allows you to select the right outfit without any problems, but it also happens that it is urgently needed tomorrow, and there is no time to run to the next shopping center. And we have to solve the problem of mothers in an emergency order with our own hands in the company of the most unpretentious improvised means.

chanterelle costume for girl
New Year costume, made by own hands, as practice shows, is more original, emphasizes the individuality of the child and, most importantly, allows to save a little money.

The main components of the New Year's costume

Original Christmas dresses for children can be divided into several components, such as the base, accessories, attributes and accessories.

The whole base can be overalls, dresses,hoodies. If you prefer a separate version, then shirts, turtlenecks, vests, and soccer t-shirts can be used, skirts, leggings, leggings, bicycles, shorts or breeches, pants, trousers often come in for the bottom.

Auxiliary parts are satin capes, boots, raincoats, gloves.

Attributes and accessories include crowns, ears, masks, tails, weapons, noses, caps.

Often, the masters of New Year costumes make emphasis on the attributes themselves and accessories, which are associated with the created image of a fairy-tale hero.

For example, the fairy has the main attribute - the wings, the Red Cap has an apron and a red headdress, the chanterelle costume for a girl is emphasized by the presence of a muzzle and a beautiful tail.

Several ways to sew a New Year's costume

Since many mothers have to work on their own and dream of creating a costume, this process takes time, several ways of this action were invented:

  • the first is the most laborious, it requires the independent tailoring of absolutely all the details of the costume and the very basis;
  • the second method consists in sewing only part of the costume, for example, a skirt, and the top is selected from the child's suitable clothes or a waistcoat suitable for the color scheme, and to him - some trousers;
  • The third, easiest way is to pick uprelatively old things from the wardrobe of the child, paint them, or cut them, or sew accessories on them, or even artistically tear them apart; This method always helps out in emergency situations.

New Year's image does not have to be created in detail to the smallest detail, only some details and attributes can hint at the similarity with the hero.

Fairy costume for girls

Standard New Year's image Snowflakes for girlssuitable for ages from two to three, when the child grows up and participates fully in the matinee - sings, tells the rhyme - he is given a role. Girls often act in the images of sorceresses, Nights, Gipsies, Baba-Yaga, squirrels, chanterelles. These costumes require a little more attention than just the selection of a white fluffy dress.

Very many needlewomen in electronic blogs share tips on how to sew a chanter suit. This outfit can be used not only for the image of a fox, but also in the future for the embodiment of a squirrel.

The costume of a chanterelle for a girl does not require much time for tailoring and a lot of accessories. The most basic accent are the ears and the tail.

New Year's costume of a chanterelle, own handscreated, it turns out very original and does not repeat the details of the costumes sold in stores. Even the simplest material can look great if it is ironed or starched.

Material for the performance of the details of the New Year's costume

Sewing a chanterelle suit for a girl is easy,If the house has a cut of orange material. It can be a light shade, and a dark one. In any case, he emphasizes the color of a real red fox. Also useful is a piece of white cloth to simulate the edge of the breast, tail and ears.

The New Year's costume of a chanterelle can consist of several variants of the bases, including:

  • a turtleneck, waistcoat, skirt, leggings or tights;
  • turtleneck, overalls;
  • a turtleneck, a waistcoat, wide trousers.

All the options look very original. But it is more preferable to choose a chanterelle suit for a girl, which includes a skirt, a sarafan or a dress of orange color.

How to sew an orange sarafan (dress), a skirt?

Begin the creation of a dress follows the selection of fabric. Looks great costume of a chanterelle for a girl from a dense fabric holding a shape. To sew a sarafan or a dress, you need to lay the cloth on a flat surface (table or floor), put on it a sundress from the wardrobe of the daughter, which she wears, draw a circle around his waist, then draw the desired version of the skirt part of the dress. The resulting pattern is cut out in the number of two parts and stitched on the sides.

New Year's Chanterelle Costume
The decoration of the dress can be a white breast. To do this, a white cut of fabric is pinned to the front of the resulting dress, adjusted with scissors under the neck, and on its base is drawn a marker contour imitating the fur of the fox breast.

to sew a chanterelle suit for a girl
For the tailoring of the skirt, the girl's waist is measured, the parameters are applied to the fabric, and then the fantasy will prompt you to make the skirt flared, straight or in the form of a trapezoid.

How to sew an orange vest?

To sew a waistcoat, you also need a cut of fabricorange color. Pattern for him can be done in the way described above - draw a jacket to the outline of the waist from the girl's wardrobe, complete the pattern with the conceived cut-outs of the neck, round out the openings for the hands.

The resulting two details are sewn together and decorated along the contour of the bottom, the neck and the slits for the hands with fur or an orange Christmas tree.

The front vest can be divided into two, complementing the costume with beautiful black buttons.

How to make ears, tail and gloves?

The costume of a chanterelle, made by oneself, inThe obligatory procedure involves sewing tail and ears. They are also performed from the fabric according to the conceived pattern. As an internal filler, it is possible to use sintepon or conventional cotton wool. Ears can be worn on a regular hair hoop.

how to sew a chanter suit
But the tail looks good on the belt or belt gum.

chanterelle suit with own hands
Very elegant looks like a fox with mittens in tonecostume - orange or black. You can sew them from pieces of artificial fur. For this, the girl's palm is measured in width. A rectangle with a double width and a length of half the palm is drawn on the fur piece on the back side. The cut out detail is folded in half, is spread out on one side, taking into account the opening for the thumb.

Makeup for a chanter suit

New Year costume chanterelle can not do without makeup. Cosmetic means on the face are drawn antennae and a spout.

New Year's costume of a chanterelle by own hands
You can do without drawing, if you make your own face mask fox mask. For this work apply cardboard, watercolor paints, thin gum, white or orange Christmas tree tinsel.

Having solved a minimum of tasks, as a result the master getsan excellent result - the original outfit, which in the store is certainly not buy. Independent work on carrying out a fox costume takes only two hours of free time, but it brings maximum pleasure.