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Crafts from a vegetable marrow with their own hands

All children, and adults, too, is always interested in making a toy for yourself. Created by own hands the product is original and exclusive. Such an article can be presented as a gift.

For this it is good to choose the material available andinexpensive. Vegetables as a material for handicrafts are becoming increasingly popular. First of all due to its availability, because they do not necessarily buy, they can be grown in their own beds. And if you have to buy, it's inexpensive. Do not need to specifically look for and get tools to work on hand-made articles, for this you can take the usual kitchen or knives for carving - figured carving of vegetables and fruits.

zucchini work
Zucchini is well suited as a material for creativity. He is moderately hard and not too soft, but as you need it. In addition, it does not yellow on the cut and has a varied color of the peel.

What kind of crafts can be made from zucchini? The amount can be limited only by the imagination of the creator. For example, it's quite easy to make such a craft from a vegetable marrow, like a ship. To do this, take a long fruit, cut along into two parts, select the pulp with seeds, a little flesh is left for the "sides". Then, with wooden sticks, the vegetable is pierced through so that these sticks protrude beyond the edge of a squash of centimeters at 7-8. It will be paddles. Two more sticks will be needed to build sails. As a sail cabbage leaf is suitable. It must be pierced with a "mast" and put the sail into the base of the vegetable marrow. In the same way, a second sail is produced. With the help of a sharp knife on the side of the ship you can write its name.

crafts from a vegetable marrow
Most often craft such crafts from a vegetable marrow,as cars. It's no problem to make a "cabbage cabriolet". To do this, cut the salon in the middle part of the vegetable. As a wheel, you can take rings cut from a smaller fruit, strung on wooden sticks - axes. Also, the wheels can be attached to the old broken toy. From carrots turn out the headlights.

From the fruit of irregular shape - widened at one end like a pear, car with a roof is carved - windows are cut in the middle part of the vegetable. A narrow part is the "nose" of the machine.

crafts from courgettes
Very common are crafts from courgettes,like different animals and fish. For example, a shark can be quickly made by cutting through the vegetable mouth and eyes. Cut off from a smaller zucchini or cucumber parts are attached with matches or toothpicks, fins are obtained.

Unusual crafts from a tavern - these are vases, teapots,on which a pattern knife cut patterns, contrasting with the basic color of the craft. For example, if the vegetable is dark green, then the cut curls will be white or light green in color.

Beautiful crafts from the vegetable marrow are obtained in the form of a locomotive, a plane, and also a whole zoo of animals - these are penguins, ducks, pigs, and many other birds and small animals.

Let the artifacts from the vegetable marrow be short-lived, but in the process of working with them, children receive the necessary skills: attentiveness, perseverance, patience, and develop motor skills.