/ / Openwork crochet - a kind of folk art that came to us from the depths of centuries

Openwork crochet - a kind of folk art, came to us from the depths of centuries

Openwork crochet was from ancient timesone of the most popular types of Russian folk art. Many ethnic museums store handicrafts and things dating back to the III-V centuries, this shows that this craft takes its origins long before our times.

There is an opinion that in the Middle Ages openworkcrocheting was the prerogative of the male population, and this kind of creativity was forbidden to women. No one knows how true this is. Meanwhile, in the female hands, the strings are twisted into very interesting and coquettish things.

Openwork crochet

And what could better decorate the ancient Russian house,than tied towels, sheets, duvet covers, underwear and inserts in pillow cases? The fashion on them has not yet passed in the Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian outback, where the hostesses now consider them an indispensable attribute of home comfort. For urban women, openwork crocheting has turned into an interesting hobby, which they study in courses, devoting much of their time to this work.

Crochet crochet patterns
Born in ancient antiquity needlework - veryAn attractive occupation for our contemporaries. Today, when folk art has no mystical meaning for us, as it was in previous centuries, it still brings great pleasure, the joy of creation and fills with positive energy.

It is known that all the ancient schemes of openwork knittingcrocheted had a sacred meaning. Each kind of loops, columns with crochets and their groups created a certain picture, plot, charm. A huge impression on the viewer is provided by modern openwork crochet, whose models are created not for mystical reasons, but from the concepts of aesthetics, beauty, practicality and individuality.

Openwork Crochet patterns
For example, a loin technique creates a product motifon the basis of the grid, where the filled and free cells alternate. To begin with, you need to collect as many air loops, so that their number is divided by three, to this number we add one more - for the decoration of the edge, and three more - for lifting. In the next row, you need to step back from the edge to two air loops and tie one column to the crochet. And so the whole series, until you get a grid in which you will need to fill empty cells with columns with a crochet or columns with two crochet. The lesson is simple, but requires accuracy, attention and patience.

As a result of loin knitting,interesting and expressive motives. Thanks to this kind of creativity, you can decorate any thing or perform some particular product, such as a tablecloth on a table, a woman's blouse, cuffs and collar, a napkin. In order for the work to be neat, it is necessary to consider the loops. The drawing plan can be made on a piece of school paper, assuming that each of its cells is one air loop.

Another rule, which obeys the openworkcrochet - this is the right choice of hook thickness. If it is observed, then the product will be light and at the same time tightly woven. At once it is not necessary to undertake large-scale work. First you need to perform a small motive as a sample and make calculations on it, and then start creating your masterpiece.