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Schemes of modular origami goats and sheep for beginners

Origami is the art of folding voluminousfigures of paper. Paper models are created not only by children, but also by adults. Some schemes can be incredibly complex. Beginners should pay attention to simple and easy work, in order to fulfill them, understand the basic principles of painstaking work. Ideal schemes are modular origami goats, sheep or other animals.

goat modular origami

What is modular origami?

A new hobby draws more and more people.Modular origami is the invention of the Chinese. The main difference from the traditional way of folding figures is the ease of execution. First, a large number of small modules are assembled from multi-colored paper, then they are "linked" into three-dimensional figures.

Collapsed paper leaves can be put into each otherin a friend or glue for a large model strength. Modules can be different, but most often used and convenient - in the form of a triangle. Doing them quickly and simply, and mounting options allow you to create complex and beautiful shapes.

How to properly fold modules

The triangle consists of a rectangular sheetpaper. The material itself should be strong, otherwise the figure will not have enough rigidity, and just fall apart. Therefore, wipes for modular origami are not suitable. The sides of the rectangle should be related in a 1: 1.5 ratio. You need to take a sheet of A4 and divide it into 8 parts along the long side, and on the short side - into 4 parts.

origami modular goat sheep

It is not difficult to fold a module, the scheme is very simple andunderstandable. The last step of the figure shows the method of coupling the two triangles. The module is folded in half, wrapped with the edge inward. You get two small pockets, where you can insert another one or two triangles.

Create an animal

Strict schemes for assembling modular origami goats,sheep do not exist. The beauty of modular work is that it is a creative and fascinating process. The main thing is to understand the principle of creating the required form. The one who collected the modular origami goat, it is not difficult to modify the work a little and get a sheep. You can simply add a large number of triangles and experiment with the assembly options.

modular origami goat scheme

For such a modular origami goat you will need:

  • trunk - 174 modules of size 1/32 from sheet A4;
  • head - 109 modules of size 1/64 from sheet A4;
  • ears - 2 modules of 3x5 cm size;
  • horns - 16 modules of size 1/128 from sheet A4;
  • hooves - 4 modules of size 1/32 from sheet A4.

how to make a goat modular origami

The head is assembled in a circle. It is necessary to collect 10 modules together, as shown in the photo - this will be the first row. If you look at the image, then the principle of fastening becomes clear.

origami modular goat sheep
In the second row, you need to add 5 more triangles,and hook them with 10 modules of the next row. The 4th row also consists of 10 triangles. It is better not to work with glue at once, some details will need to be bent into shapes.

origami modular sheep

Next, you need to give your head a shape, likePhoto. For this, you need to carefully move the module fastenings in the assembled rows. The fifth row will require 10 triangles and 3 additional ones in any place. But on this work is not finished. Next, we fix the added triangles, in all, we need 13 modules in the 6th and 9th rows.

how to make a sheep

In the 10th row, the number oftriangles up to 9 pieces. Some modules you just need to skip, the image shows how to do it. It is necessary to try to give the head a complete look.

implementation of modular origami

Before this, the modules were assembled longside. For the horns, you need to insert 7 triangles into each other with the long side, and the 8th and 9th ones are inserted short, in order to make a beautiful bend.

goat head scheme

Horns, ears, beard and eyes are glued to the head. You need to give the details a suitable shape with simple folds. The head can be attached to the body with a toothpick.

Torso assembly diagram

The next step is much easier and will take quite a bit of time. To create a trunk modular origami goat, the sheep need to make billets. Each such detail must consist of 4 triangles.

trunk of a goat

The back of the animal is made of 10 pieces,collected in a row. To fasten them together, you need 18 conventional modules, 9 on each side. In the third row, add one triangle from each end and fasten it as shown in the photo below.

we collect the trunk of a goat

The next three rows are assembled from 22 modules. Then you need to skip the triangle in the center, and another in the next row. In total at the end you should have 20 modules.

how to assemble a goat with modular origami

Now you need to make the legs.At the corners, first add three modules, then two and one, the last ones are triangles - claws of a different color. It remains to attach the head and tail to the body. Modular origami goat is ready!