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How to make a school pencil case yourself: a pattern and description

The future first-graders, like the schoolboy, cansew a school pencil case by hand. The pattern can be any shape: rectangular, oval, flat, voluminous, in the form of slices of berries and fruits, animals, musical instruments. Pencil can be tied, sewed, weaved for all pencils or for each separately. It can be with a zipper, buttons, sticky tape, buttons.

We sew for the preschooler a pencil case with our own hands

The pattern will be for beginners. The pencil case consists of three layers: outer, lining, inner fabric. Cut the rectangle. We put in between the sintepon material, we asked it on three sides. Turned to his face, sewed a zipper. For the preschooler you need the simplest pencil case in the form of a purse for all pencils.

Often teachers return to parents at the beginning of the yearpencil cases on stickers, with bright appliqués or in an unusual way, voluminous suitcases, tubes for one reason - children are distracted from the training material.

It does not matter whether he admired the bright case,played with his bindings, hurried to fulfill the teacher's task and dropped it on the floor or tries to often get and clean pencils, pulling Velcro. The result will be one - undeveloped material.

Therefore, while the child is not used to controllingtheir desires, subordinate their behavior to the rules, just make a simple pencil case. It is even possible to tie such a purse on a large button (if the preschooler has a fine motor skills).

pencil case

We make an unusual school pencil with our own hands: patterns

From the second grade, the child understands himselfto teach at school in class and change. And just in moments of rest, schoolchildren boast of their new things. For this period, the cannibals-fish, crocodiles, dinosaurs, etc., will approach. Let's consider how to sew a pencil case-shark:

to sew a pencil case by hand

  • draw a pattern of fish, fins;
  • translate into outer, lining fabric in two copies;
    school pencil case
  • to the external material you sew shark fins (you can fill it with sintepon);
  • stitch all the layers of the pencil case;
  • In front, sew a zipper-teeth;
  • from above sew buttons-eyes.
    pencil case

So you can sew any pencil casehands. The design of tigers, dinosaurs, bears, monsters can be the easiest. For example, you sew a green purse with ears, eyes, and a lightning-stitch is sewn not from the side, but on the front of the pencil case. The muzzle of a dinosaur has turned out.

And if you own a crochet, then you can tie any curl from the yarn. It is better to take thick threads. First, they keep their shape well. Secondly, less time will pass to the process of knitting.

Pencil case

Not every child has a stitched "pencil"pencil-holder with own hands. Its pattern is nevertheless simple, but the product itself is a one-piece long fabric, a long pocket and an elastic band. Lay out the fabric in length, put pencils on it, noting the distance between them. Cut the fabric with allowance for allowances. It is necessary to make a part in two copies.

to sew a pencil case by hand

Take the same length for the innerA deep pocket where you put pencils. Therefore, it is better to take a thick cloth. Sew a pocket with a long piece of a pencil case. Next, use soap to measure the size of the pencil pockets. Stitch the lines.

Insert pencils into pockets, look, do notwhether they fall out, whether the point is broken. If you need a fixation, then sew the gum from above (also piercing it through 3-4 pencils). Now get the inner inner pencil stitched together with the facial tissue. To one edge sew a tail with a rivet, roll a pencil case with pencils in a cover, mark the place of the second button. The product is ready.

school pencil case

As you can see, it's easy to sew a pencil case with your own hands. Patterns can be found of any complexity. It is better for beginner craftsmen to start with a simple rectangular pencil case, but focus on its external appearance. For example, sew a pencil case.