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Sheep-tilde (pattern): how to make your own hands

Do you like making interior dolls? Have you ever tried this popular activity? In any case, you will definitely like the cute accessory for decorating the house - a sheep-tilde. The pattern can be made both independently and on a ready-made template. Choose ideas, embody them in beautiful souvenir products.

teddy lamb

Interior dolls

A very popular decoration of the house became voluminoustextiles in the form of figures of people and animals. They come in different forms. Very romantic looking bunny, mouse, bear, lamb-tilde. The pattern of such a product, as a rule, consists of a certain set of parts. If you master the construction of one species, for example, little animals, you can easily cope with other souvenirs in the form of smart girls, princesses or angels. Even animal-tildes are human-like, stand on their hind legs. Such souvenirs are often suspended, but can sit on the couch, a table and even stand. Probably, for this purpose it is necessary to do a skeleton.

What you need to make

You need the following, so that you get a beautiful sheep-tilde:

tiger lamb pattern

  • pattern;
  • the cloth;
  • a piece of chalk;
  • pins;
  • scissors;
  • needle and thread;
  • sewing machine;
  • decor (optional).

If you are engaged in needlework, all tools haveyou, most likely, are available. Make an interior doll can be from all sorts of scraps left from sewing large items. Multicolored fabrics in small quantities are sold in stores by weight. Perhaps in your city there is such a department.

Sheep-tilde with her own hands: patterns

Before preparing the fabric, it is worthDetermine the appearance of your souvenir. These dolls can be dressed up in dresses and other costumes or sewn from a material that mimics the texture of the wool. Use additional applications and decorative stripes in the form of hearts, flowers.

So, you found a suitable sample and decided whichwill be your lamb-tilde. With your own hands, making patterns of body parts and clothes is not difficult, but for the first experiment it is easier to use the sample. You just need to print it from the computer to the desired scale. Sheet A4 will be enough. If you want to make a big doll, then the template can be divided into two album formats, and then glue the parts in the right parts.

Having mastered the work with the samples, you can easily build everything yourself.

Tilda the lamb (pattern): a master class

Such a wonderful puppet is made of the following parts:

  • body;
  • ears;
  • muzzles;
  • handles;
  • stop and palm.

Doll-tilde "Sheep" (pattern) can consist offrom a different number of parts. In the picture below, their minimum number. The legs and the body are made as one common detail. In the previous example (photo above) they are sewn in two parts. Thanks to this it is more convenient to give the character a sitting position. Although you can just perform an additional line in the right place. Muzzle with a head here is also combined on a pattern. It will be enough just to cut off the detail of the face (it is separated by a thin line) and cut it out of the corresponding material.

tiger lamb pattern

Usually the base is made of light fabric, andfeet, hands and face look better in beige color. All these dolls are humanized, the characters have a human body. As for the number of parts, it should be as follows:

  • base - 2 pieces;
  • ears - 4 (two multi-colored blanks for the inner and outer parts of each ear);
  • handles - 4 parts (one stitched from two parts);
  • feet and palms are made of a pair of halves, represented on the pattern by one piece (they need to be cut 8 pieces);
  • Additional decor (in this case, hearts) do as desired in the right amount.

The picture below shows how the parts are sewn together. For the first samples it is better to choose patterns with a smaller number of parts, and accordingly, and seams, then you can gradually complicate the workpiece.

Created by the technology presented above, the characters will always please you and the guests of your house.

Different images of the same pattern

tilde sheep pattern master class

Taking as a basis any of the simple patterns described above or the next more complex one, you can make a whole family of sheep. If you dress them in different clothes, you get a whole collection of souvenirs.

The most important thing is that the template you need to doof paper only one. All characters will look uniform and harmonious, but each one will be unique and unique. In the technique of making such toys, the space for creativity is immense.

As for the last version of the template, on ita more humanlike being will appear than in previous cases. Here, the arms and legs are somewhat different, and the muzzle stitches not from two parts, but from more. This gives it a volume and naturalness.

So, you saw how the sheep-tilde looks like. A pattern taken from an article or built with your own hands, will help you to make the same lovely interior doll yourself.