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Patterns of school sarafans for girls. School sarafan with my own hands

A few decades ago, absolutely everythingschoolchildren were required to wear a fixed form, which greatly facilitated the lives of parents. To buy a dress or a sarafan for a girl at that time was not difficult. All children's clothing stores had a special department where you could pick up a uniform of absolutely any size, for both boys and girls.

Today, the common style does not exist. There was only an agreement on the combination of colors. Light top and dark bottom is a classic. And it is this combination that parents are asked to adhere to the administration of any school. In addition to the standard combination of blouses with a skirt or trousers, girls are allowed to wear sarafans over a light blouse. But today it is quite difficult to find a suitable size, especially when it comes to clothes for first-graders. Often, children entering the school path simply do not correspond to the generally accepted size range of the form produced today. And even the smallest models are great.

patterns of school sarafans

Therefore, it is not superfluous to learn how to sewschool sarafan with their own hands. Patterns of this garment, presented in the article, will help the artisans understand the principle of creating a pattern of the basis and modeling of various styles.

Perhaps, to begin work on a new outfit for a small schoolgirl follows with the definition of the length of the cut material and measurements.

Calculation and removal of measurements

For patterning school sarafans and calculating the tissueshould measure the height of the child, chest girth, waist, hips, back width, height from shoulder to chest, and length from shoulder to waist and length of finished product. For any model, whether it's a straight silhouette or an option with a skirt in a fold with a width of 150 cm, an cut will be required equal to the length of the finished product + 10 cm for the seams and the hem of the bottom. If the width of the material is 110 or 80 cm, its consumption will increase by about 20 cm.

What material should not be taken?

Select the fabric for school sundress should be based on such requirements for the canvas:

  1. The fabric should not be pricked, which means that immediately remove the wool from the materials in question. And do not be seduced by its naturalness. To the body of the child, it will be very rough and uncomfortable.
  2. The cloth should not be clogged with garbage, and therefore velor, velvet and corduroy for school uniforms are not an option.
  3. The fabric must be durable, whether it be knitwear or a fabric.
    Patterns of school sarafans for girls

What is better to sew a sundress?

Ideal option for both price and qualitywill become the so-called school cloth, as well as the cat, gabardine. But you can use other costume fabrics. Diving and jersey can be used from knitted fabrics. In any case, the patterns of school sarafans, considered in this article, are suitable for making a product from any canvas, the difference will be only in the clasp.

In addition to the fabric, sewing equipment, threads per tone, 50 cm long lightning or buttons are required for work. But, as practice shows, the child will be more comfortable with a buckle on the lock.

Building a Template

The main pattern of a school sarafan for a girl7 years, on the basis of which absolutely all styles are modeled, is constructed in accordance with the measurements taken from the figure. To draw a drawing, you will need to map a rectangle on paper or on a building film. One side is half the girth of the chest, the other is the length of the product. Then the construction can be divided into several stages:

  1. The first one should draw a grid. Namely, in accordance with the measurement of the height of the chest, determine an additional horizontal line on which the armhole will be based.
  2. From one edge of the rectangle on the resulting lineretreat half the width of the back, and then divide the half-mantle of the chest by 4, add 2 cm and postpone this value from the point obtained earlier. This will leave the armhole area, and the rest is half the front shelf.
  3. In the upper corners of the rectangle mark the neck. For the back on the side where half the width of the back was measured, for the front in the opposite corner.
  4. Pattern school dress for a girl of 7 yearsgood because there is no need to make tucks for the chest. Therefore, it remains to draw the shoulder seams 7 cm in length and arrange the armholes to the chest line from the back half and the front.
  5. The last stage - flare side seams to the bottom. Its size depends on the difference in girth of the chest and abdomen of the child.
    Pattern school dress for a girl of 7 years

Perhaps this is all the tricks of building the mainpatterns of school sundresses. All of its changes relate to design and modeling. And on this topic is to talk separately, because changing the number of elements of cut and their shape, you can achieve amazing results.


If you change the base a little, new ones will come out.patterns of school sundresses. For example, in the drawing, you can designate relief seams from the shoulder and to the bottom, the sections of which flared to the hem. The six-sided product will look like a bell and is perfect for a little thin person.

school dress with their own hands patterns

You can also make the top cut off and skirtarrange from a strip of fabric, gathered bantovymi or ordinary folds. The place of combining both parts can be decorated with satin ribbon and bow. In this case, it is best to lower the waist by about 7 cm.

Patterns of school sundresses for girls can be improved. For example, it is not difficult to fit on the back and make this way for the baby a real lady's dress.

Also interesting options are models with a tulip skirt and a basque waistline.

Variants of design armhole and neck

Sew a school dress, the pattern of whichso easy to build, not at all difficult. The most difficult thing that can lie in wait during assembly is the treatment of the neck and the armhole. They can be made obliquely with bake from the main fabric or with a selection of lining material, duplicating the main fabric of the product to the waistline.

sew school dress pattern

In view of the fact that the patterns of school sundresses forgirls are built without complicated calculations and drawings, and processing of parts is not as difficult as it may seem at the beginning of work, you should try your hand and make the subject of school uniform yourself.