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Pattern of a children's jacket with a hood

Today, on the shelves of children's stores,you can find interesting and practical things for the child. Branded and not necessary, expensive and cheaper. But there are mothers who want to have unique things in their kind, so that such clothes can not be seen on any other child. The only solution is to sew it yourself.

To make a pattern of a children's jacket for the boyor girls, and then sew an excellent new thing you can yourself for one evening. But only on the condition that you have minimal sewing skills and have in your arsenal sewing equipment.

Consider the pattern of a children's jacket the simplest,but at the same time you can decorate it at your discretion. Add interesting details that will make it absolutely unique. Maybe even you will be asked where you purchased such a wonderful specimen.

Jacket for a boy

Patterns of a children's jacket for a boy or girlat the age from 1 year to 3 years practically do not differ, it is possible to accent only on separate details and a choice of a fabric. For example, it can be embroidery, applique, decorative tuning, which is typical for boys and girls.

For boys, you can use such elementsas rockets, ships and ships, planes and helicopters, cars. You can use sports elements: balls, sticks, sewing numbers. You can buy ready-made chevrons, thermo-stickers, embroidery in any sewing department. And if you own a sewing machine with embroidery functions, this will greatly simplify your task.

Also, you need to consider the color of the fabric and its combination. For boys suitable colors: blue, blue, red, black, gray, different shades of brown.

Jacket for girls

A jacket for a small beauty can be decorated with images of fairies, butterflies, seals, beads, flowers, bees and ladybirds, hearts. Lovely animals also fit - seals, chanterelles, birds, rabbits.

For girls, harmonious colors will be: pink, turquoise, beige. You can use neutral colors that are suitable for any gender: green, yellow, white.

pattern children's jacket


Let's make a pattern of a children's jacket for the age from 1 year to 3 years. But the kids are all different, so before sewing it is necessary to remove all the measurements from the child:

  • Waist;
  • Throat volume;
  • the length of the sleeve with a fold in the elbow and without;
  • the volume of the chest;
  • neck volume.

All dimensions are written down and compared with the sizes indicated on the pattern of the children's jacket given in the article. This will help you navigate in the process of compiling it.

So, if you want a pattern of a children's jacket forboy for 1 year, you can use the same pattern, just adjust the dimensions: add or reduce if you want the length of the sleeve or the length of the product, the width of the shelves and back.

What will it take to sew

To build a pattern you will need:

  • millimeter paper or tracing paper;
  • pencil;
  • ruler;
  • tape measure.

For cut: scissors, chalk or dry soap, safety pins.

For the future product:

  • denim of denim;
  • thread;
  • lace fabric only on the hood;
  • 2 buttons on the pockets;
  • zipper fastener;
  • and of course, a good mood, because you are sewing for your beloved child!

Threads can be both in the tone of the fabric, and vice versa, contrasting, they can make decorative tuning on pockets or hood.

This model is without a lining, internal seams are treated with an overlock seam.

This pattern of a children's jacket for the boy, tooit will do, if it is slightly modified. For example, remove the assemblies on the coquette in front and behind, make a straight back and shelves. And, of course, remove the lace from the hood, it can be replaced with a checkered cotton cloth, then we will get a quite decent jacket for the boy.

And if there is a desire to insulate the jacket on a coolweather, in this case, a heater and lining cloth. The insulation can be adjusted immediately to the lining fabric, or buy all separately. As a heater can be used sintepon, holofayber, tinsulate or any other.

We select the material

You can buy ready-made fabrics in sewing departments or use the old unnecessary thing: to give her, so to speak, a new life.

The material can be to your taste: suitable and fabrics, taffeta, denim, corduroy, fleece, even velvet or knitwear.

How to sew

pattern of a children's jacket for a boy

Consider the sequence of sewing in steps, the pattern of a children's jacket with a hood for 3 years. Step 1 - Pattern:

  • Make a pattern on a millimeter or any other paper - you can use a tracing paper, a table with the desired dimensions.
  • If you triple the dimensions shown in the photo, use a ruler to transfer the pattern to paper.
  • The ready-made pattern must be cut without allowances.

pattern of a children's jacket for a boy 1 year old

Such details have turned out:shelf - 2 symmetrical parts, backrest - 1 piece with a fold, a hood - 2 symmetrical parts, sleeves - 2 symmetrical parts. Pocket - 2 symmetrical parts, pocket valve - 4 parts (two symmetrical).

Step 2 - cut:

  • Spread the cloth on the wrong side.
  • On the fabric in the direction of the share thread, cut the cut out patterns from paper, fasten them to the fabric with pins.
  • Circle the pattern with chalk.
  • On each side, you need to add the allowance to the seam of 1.5 centimeters. Cut with allowances.

Step 3 - prepare the pockets:

  • We connect pockets with a lining cloth.

a pattern of a children's jacket for the girl of 3 years

  • We sew the valve, turn it out, iron it.

a pattern of a children's jacket for the girl of 3 years

  • We make decorative tuning over the valve.

], a pattern of a children's jacket with a hood for 3 years

Step 4 - Build:

  • When picking up, connect with the coquette the shelves and the backrest.

pattern children's jacket

  • Stitch shoulder joints.
  • All iron.
  • Sleeve in the shoulder area.

pattern of a children's jacket for a boy

  • Then from the middle (that is, from the shoulder seam in one direction, and then from the shoulder seam in the other direction) stitch the sleeves.
  • Otutjuzhit seams.
  • Then sew the sleeve and sides with one seam.

jackets for boy 1 year

Step 5 - Procurement of the hood:

  • Sew the hood details: two of the denim and two of the lace fabric.
  • Insert the lace hood into the denim, stitch it, turn it to the front.
  • From the middle of the neck on the back we sew one half of the hood in one direction.
  • In the other direction we sew the other half of the hood. This is done so that the hood is evenly sewn to the neck.

Step 6 - Lightning:

  • We stick the lock - the zipper to both sides of the shelf.
  • Be sure to match the edges, so that it is exactly on the left and right parts of the shelf.
  • We make decorative tuning.

Step 7 - bend the bottom of the product, stitch it. Sew the buttons on the valves.

The jacket is ready! This pattern of a children's jacket for a girl of 3 years can be made and sewed pretty quickly.

You can decorate it with additional elements forat its discretion. Just do it in a timely manner - if it's embroidery or chevrons on your pocket, then sew when you are preparing a pocket. If this is some kind of appliqué on the sleeve or back, then just sew or glue the application first, and then follow the steps.

Such a new and original thing will decorate the wardrobe of a small fashionista or mod. Good luck!