/ / A three-dimensional shape made of paper - we create beauty with our own hands

A three-dimensional shape made of paper - we create beauty with our own hands

Looking at how this or that volumetrica figure of paper, one can not even believe that such a beauty was created from a regular sheet. And after all, no special devices are needed, you need a sheet of two-sided colored or white paper and glue.

Make the ball. Start

three-dimensional shape of paper

To make here such a beautiful three-dimensional ball ofpaper, you need a sheet of two-sided colored paper about 30x15 cm. We put his larger side to himself. If you decide to first do the production of voluminous origami, you can simplify the task by pouring a paper sheet into small squares. To do this, take a ruler and draw on this sheet first transverse, and then longitudinal strips, at a distance of 1 centimeter from each other. As a result, we will get even rows of squares measuring 1x1cm.

After you understand the principle of manufacture,you need to do without a pencil. First, fold the paper transversely. Strips should be produced, but formed already with the help of folds. Similarly, longitudinal strips are made, thanks to the folding of the sheet.

We continue to create

ball of paper

But while we continue to help ourselves with a pencil.With its help in each square you need to draw two diagonal lines. You can put the ruler in such a way as to draw just one diagonal on several squares. Although it is enough to draw it in the first two or three, and then bend the squares on imaginary diagonals. Very soon a beautiful three-dimensional paper figure will turn out.

We look at the first corner square.We look only at the 2 halves of the diagonals on the right. We need to put them together. The same is done with the left halves of the diagonal lines - we add them together. In the middle of each square, too, we make a fold. Fingers make clear folds to get a three-dimensional shape of paper. Folds of diagonals, squares themselves should be directed to one - the front side and clearly visible.

We give the shape of the ball

three-dimensional figures from a paper of the circuit

Now try, starting from one side of the sheet,fold it in the form of an accordion. But unlike the accordion, we add it not only along the vertical, but also along the horizontal, diagonal lines. If somewhere you can not fold, then use your fingers to more clearly mark the fold line.

If everything turned out, then we continue.Again, we lay the already turned corrugated sheet with the long side facing us and do the reverse work (from the sides). With the help of fingers, we unfold this beauty on a 1.5-cm-wide section. This is necessary for better gluing the edges, so that the three-dimensional shape of the paper turns out to be a ball.

We take glue-pencil and left upper short edgepaper. We spread it with glue from above. Exactly the same, but already the right corner is also greased with glue. We paste the paper overlap at this point, so that the width of the seam is 1.5 cm. Similarly, we glue the bottom corners together. But in the middle we act a little differently - the width of the seam here should be small - 0.4 cm.

A ball of paper: we did it!

So we unevenly stitched seams toin the middle the figure was more convex than the center. Then we get the shape of the ball. Well, we have done so only its side. It is necessary to designate the top. First, it is necessary to again clearly mark the lines on the squares where they have become poorly visible. It is necessary that each square is perfectly bent along the horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. Especially carefully it should be done at the top and at the bottom of the ball - these places are not glued. Now we are trying to connect this top and bottom. When the item straightens, you get a three-dimensional ball.

origami of paper three-dimensional figures

You can not attach the product to the shape of the ball, but leave it as it is, gluing eyes, handles. It will not be a three-dimensional geometric figure made of paper, but a real toy.

In the same way, you can make other shapes.

Bulk cube of paper

It is easiest to make it from the ordinary schoolsheet in a box. On such material it is immediately visible, where to designate folds, and they will turn out perfectly smooth. Thus, it is easier to make origami from paper. The three-dimensional figures turn out to be even. It is especially good for such a master to learn masters.

We measure the length of as many centimeters aswidth has a sheet of sheet (20 cm) and excess cut. We have a square of 20x20 cm. We fold the sheet in half, and then again in half. A square with a side of 5 cm was formed, consisting of 4 sheets.

three-dimensional geometrical figure from a paper

We take the uppermost sheet of his hand and bend it to the left. A triangle was formed. The side that was the extreme upper of the square became the height of the triangle.

Finishing the cube creation

We turn the square to the other side. The same triangle is done on the other side. As a result, you get 2 completely identical triangles, lying one on the other.

If it is difficult for the first time to do three-dimensional figuresfrom paper, the scheme will simplify the task. But so far it is quite clear. The beginning of the creation of this figure is reminiscent of the design of tulip paper, and many of them were still in the classroom at elementary school. And like the "tulip", now one rectangular triangle bends one of its acute angle to the vertex of the right angle. In total, we bend 4 corners in this way - 2 for one and the same for another triangle. The figure magically transformed into two rhombuses, lying one on the other.

Now we need 2 lateral angles of the diamond, whichwell bend. We bend them to the center. At these corners formed a "pocket". In it we put 2 corners of the same rhombus. One - in one pocket, another - in another. We turn the figure around and do exactly such manipulations with the rhombus located on the reverse side. A hole formed at the top of the figure. Blow into it and thanks to this the figure will fill with air and turn into a rhombus.

Here such you can make origami from paper. Volumetric figures are obtained original and textured.