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Fruit bouquets with own hands (photo)

At any celebration or feast is beautifula bouquet of fruits decorated with own hands will make an unforgettable impression on all guests. Such an original gift can be presented to any woman or mother on March 8 or birthday instead of the usual bouquet of flowers.

Doing it is simple, you only need to purchasein advance all the components of the future gift. Use in the fruit bouquet made by own hands not only fruits from trees, but also berries, melons and melons. Often designers include also twigs with leaves or flowers in the components of such delicious bouquets, but this is an optional element, rather, they serve as decor.

Also, you need to think in advance how it will be donethe gift itself, where you will post it. All the necessary bouquets of fruit for the production of our own hands will be considered in this article. After reading, you can easily make yourself such beauty, as in the photo in the article.


To make a composition, you need to select fruitand berries of bright colors, which for a long time can be in the cut form and not lose its external appeal. From dense fruits slices or figurines are cut out by means of the usual sharp knife or special adaptations for figured cutting. This is a slicer or knife-slider, special curly graters or Thai knives for cutting out different patterns. On sale you can find whole sets for slicing.

Those professionals who are keen on carving (artistic cutting from fruit), can transform any material. And we, simple amateurs, will learn from you.

Bouquet of lilies

To place fruit in a vase or basket, alsoYou will need a stand and skewers, which are put on berries and fruits. To ensure that the wooden sticks are in the right position and do not fall in the side, they must be fixed. Therefore, for a fruit bouquet, a special stand is made by oneself. Let us consider in more detail what can be done of it.

Stand for a bouquet

If you decide to just give a fruitcomposition, decorated in the form of a bouquet, then you can wooden skewers, which are attached to the fruit, tightly tied with string and hide this knot under a beautiful wrapper.

If the fruit bouquet is made in a basket or a wide vase, then you need a special stand, which will be stuck wooden sticks with thread. What can be used in this case:

  • A piece of strong foam.At the bottom of the vase you first need to lay a beautiful colored napkin or cloth so that the stand can not be seen. Then a piece of foam plastic with a height of at least 5-7 cm is cut out precisely into the diameter of the vase. Then the decorated skewers are stuck completely into the foam at the right angles, so that the composition looks like a bouquet.
  • Floristic sponge. It is a dense plastic foam, which is used by florists to compose bunches of flowers. It can be bought at any flower shop.
  • You can knead a tight salted dough.To do this, take equal shares of fine salt "Extra" and white wheat flour - one glass, add 125 grams of cold water to this mixture. The mass is carefully kneaded to a dense consistency. You can put a ball of salted dough into the refrigerator for another 10 minutes. Then the dough is placed on the bottom of the container for a fruit bouquet and then the wooden rods are already stuck into a tight mass.
Different variants of bouquets from fruit
  • Also, instead of the stand, you can use a large dense fruit, for example pineapple, as in the photo above.

Figured carving

Then we will tell you how you can cut beautifulfigures with their own hands for a bouquet of fruits. For a photo and a step-by-step description of the actions, see the article. First, any fruit and berries should be thoroughly washed under running water. If the fruits have seeds, a bone or a central hard part, they need to be cut with a sharp knife. From watermelon, melon or pineapple, cut into thin strips, you can squeeze out figures using cookie cutters. If they are not, do not worry, you can do it either by eye, or by a paper template, or by the cut out first element.

How to cut figurines out of fruits

You can use any shape: hearts, flowers, tulips, stars, crescent and others. As a center of flowers, you can staple a grapes of contrasting color, strawberries or blueberries.

Beautiful look multilayered elements. For example, you can put a small square of kiwi on a cut out shape of a pineapple flower, and attach a small ball of watermelon or melon on top.

How to clean citrus fruits?

Now let's look at how beautifully the citrus fruit is servedin a bouquet of fruits. To begin with, lemon or orange is well washed. Then, a knife is used to peel off the peel to make even vertical strips that give relief to the fruit. It's easy to do it yourself (step by step on the photo). A bouquet of fruits with lemon flowers looks very original.

How to prepare a lemon for a bouquet

When the entire circumference is cleaned, the lemonor the orange is cut into slices. They need to be placed on some harder part of the composition. It will look good on a slice of an apple, especially since the allocated juice of a lemon will promote that the apple does not darken ahead of time.

Beautifully in the fruit bouquet look thin slices of citrus, folded in half and punctured by a rod in the area of ​​solid peel.

Working with strawberries

Often when working on a bouquet of fruitsuse strawberries. It has a beautiful tapered shape. Before washing it thoroughly washed and dried. In some cases sepals are removed, but sometimes left.

Strawberries in chocolate

Beautifully looks fruit bouquet, in whichStrawberries were dipped in melted chocolate. To do this, the chocolate bar should be broken into small pieces and put in a small container, which is put on top of a boiling pot with water. When the chocolate becomes liquid and it cools down a bit, the strawberry berries are dropped in turn into the chocolate mass.

It is possible to make on such decorating also strips from the melted white chocolate. To make it more convenient to draw, you can use a culinary pouch.

Rosettes from strawberries

For a bouquet of fruits, you can useStrawberries cut into the shape of rose petals. To do this, you need to use a sharp and thin knife. First, the red berries are worn with the tail on the skewer, then, holding the wand in his hand, cut into small pieces of strawberry, starting from the bottom edge, but not to the end.

Cutting Rosettes from strawberries

The notches are performed in a circular fashion at different levels. Do this before the presentation itself, so that the berry does not flow prematurely.

Now you know how to make a bouquet of fruits with your own hands, step by step description of its manufacture will help create an original and beautiful composition.