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Fence from plastic bottles is a simple solution to big problems!

A fence made of plastic bottles allows you to protect the territory in the shortest possible time. To date, there are various ways to

Fence from plastic bottles.
implementation.Some structures are very simple when erected, but their performance is worse. Others require a significant amount of time, but the result will be much better and more reliable. In any case, plastic bottles are an affordable material that is great for such purposes. So if there is a question about what to make a fence from, then the answer arises by itself. Especially if the budget is limited, but it is urgent to designate the boundaries (country plot, for example). It is in this situation that this is the most rational solution.

Option number 1 - the most simple

Such a fence made of plastic bottles is veryquickly, but it is not particularly strong. That is, it simply plays the role of a "frontier post". In steps of 2 meters, the columns are buried (can be both wooden and metal or

From what to make a fence?
concrete).What material is, and this can be used. If necessary, the foundation of the fence can be cemented. Next, two transverse ties are made: one at the top of the columns, the second at their base. Here, too, you can use improvised means. Next, the bottles are pierced on the bottom and the lid and put on a wire. And on it it is necessary to type a section of such length that it will rest at the back of the fence. The first section was done and installed. Then, in a similar way, the second section is made, which is installed at the end of the previous section. And so step by step and the fence is done. If there is no special requirement for its strength, then this is the optimal solution.

Harder, but much better

In the previous way, we set the columns (in this case we can use only the tree) along the perimeter of the territory. Next, you need to install

Fence from a plastic bottle.
bottom screed made of wood at the base earlierinstalled supports. Before that, screws are screwed into the screed longer than the diameter of this screed. On the protruding part of the screw, the bottle is punctured and then screwed up to the stop. And so on, one after another. You can make a small gap between them, but it is better if they fit closely. The upper screed is made similarly with the only difference that it is screwed to it not a bottom, but a lid. The upper section is set at the double height of the bottles. On top of it, another such element can be installed. So you can continue until the fence of plastic bottles reaches the required height. The rest of the fence is made in the same way.

The most difficult execution

The most difficult option requires thatA trench of the necessary depth has been dug along the entire perimeter of the future fence. With a step of 2 meters, columns are set (only metal or concrete ones are suitable). The foundation is concreted.

Everything is very easy and simple.
The trench is also completely concreted.Preliminary, it is necessary to install a metal mesh to give strength. Everything must be protected by formwork. Once the solution has hardened, the formwork is dismantled. Plastic bottles filled with sand or soil. The "bricks" are obtained in a peculiar way, and they are quite strong. Then the cement slurry is mixed, and the "bricks" prepared in advance are laid with it. Such a fence is characterized by increased strength, but its maximum height should not exceed 1 meter, otherwise the design ceases to be strong and can easily collapse. After the solution has dried, the work is finished and the fence made of a plastic bottle is ready in this version.


It is not necessary to do fencing of the suburban areafrom something special and quite expensive. It can be built using improvised means. And one of the most striking examples is the fence made of plastic bottles.