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Summer white dresses - the eternal hit of the sunny season

When the bad weather and cold go away, the womanto take off his heavy dark clothes. Sunny days - it's time to change pants and sweaters for light and light dresses. Invariably in favor are summer white dresses. They can be incomparably different depending on the cut, fabric and selection of accessories. But all of them are united by one thing: a woman looks in white attractively and gently. It's not for nothing that this color is traditional for the bride's attire.

Summer white dresses can be tight andfree, even baggy; categorical mini or have a length "on the floor." The choice of style depends on the age and composition of the woman. The outfit can be business, evening or beach. Sometimes only the details can transform the white summer dress beyond recognition. Buy, thanks to this, you can only one successful model and complement it with various accessories.

Do you doubt your own abilities?Do you prefer to follow the recommendations of experienced stylists? Well, appreciate the white summer dresses, photos of which you can see here. This will help to understand what exactly you want: exquisite lace, color contrasts, country softness or innocence of exceptional white.

summer white dresses

Option 1. White flax trimmed with knitted lace.Additions in the form of leather straps and bracelets, plus bijouterie in ethnic style. Ready for an elegant village outfit, ideally creating a vacation mood.

white summer dress to buy

Option 2. Lace-sexy.This trend of the season, proposed by the fashion designers, causes a mixed reaction. According to some, "white lace is appropriate only when you are a bride, a table or an old woman's window." Try to dilute this shine of innocence with colored inserts, a dense jacket (blue or black), and your outfit will not so dazzle others.

white summer dress photo

Option 3. Urban negligence.Yes, summer white dresses are appropriate not only against the background of nature or podium paths. They fully fit into the urban landscape. Supplement the white linen with a negligently worn jeans and an appropriate bag, and will look appropriate on dust-soaked and noisy streets.

white summer dress

white summer dress

Option 4.The combination of white with silver or gold is always a win-win holiday option. The glitter of "noble metals", reflected in rhinestones or paillettes, always creates a romantic aura of solemnity. But, you see, this is a completely different attitude than wedding lace.

white summer dress

Option 5.Summer white dresses are especially good in that the combination of their primary color with other, contrasting, each time creates a new mood. Look at yourself: pink accessories make a puppet image, red ones - with a head give out a passionate nature, carried away. The contradictory spirit of black and white tones directly screams about playfulness and unpredictability. The combination with blue is almost a business style. Well, a bright print is an excellent beach model.

white summer dresses

white summer dress

white summer dress

As you can see, white dresses can be sovarious that will be appropriate in any situation. And in the summer wardrobe of every woman they just have to be. It remains only to choose and wear with pleasure!