/ / Austrian curtains are not out of fashion

Austrian curtains are not out of fashion

Recently it has become fashionable to drape windowsAustrian curtains. With their semicircular folds, they resemble French ones. But at the same time they can descend and rise. Their main difference is the assembly in the lower third.

Austrian curtains
Lush Austrian curtains, decorated with fringe or flounces, look great on the large windows. More modest, closing only a third of the opening, suitable for small windows.

Sewing Austrian curtains with your own hands is not easy, buteven an inexperienced dressmaker should not have any special difficulties. All you need is a basic fabric, a lining, an easily sliding cord, braid with rings, a tightening ribbon, weights, a wooden bar the same length as the cornice.

The most luxurious look Austrian curtains,sewn from nemnuschihsya, light, flowing fabrics with a glossy sheen - satin, lye, artificial or mixed. Also suitable are translucent gas fabrics: organza, lace, tulle.

Austrian curtains with your own hands
How to sew Austrian curtains? This article describes the main stages and techniques that are used in their tailoring.

In order to sew Austrian curtains, you need to measure the length of the cornice and the height from the floor.

Fabrics will need 1.5-2.5 times more. Do not forget to take into account the allowances for seams and folding.

The length of the nylon cord is calculated by the number of assemblies on the curtain.

Let's say you have four assemblies, which means that you need four curtain heights plus the length of the cornice.

Then we proceed according to the points listed below.

How to sew Austrian curtains

  1. Dissolve two rectangular panels. One - from the main fabric, one - from the lining.
  2. Fold the panels with faces and sweep from all sides. The side seams and the bottom must be stitched. If desired, sew fringe or shuttlecock to the bottom.
  3. Turn it to the front side, sweep the edges and iron it. At this stage, you can stitch the edges of the decorative seam.
  4. By the number of folds at equal distances - 50-80 centimeters, vertically sweep the tape with the rings. Reason and stitch.
  5. The top should be bent two centimeters and stitched.
  6. Towards the top of the curtains, sew the tightening tape andpull them along the length of the ledge. Very nice look Austrian curtains with embedded folds. In this case, you must first lay the folds, and then sew the tape.
  7. Pass the cords through the rings on the vertical ribbons. To the lower ring the cord should be tied, you can immediately attach the weighting agent.
  8. Attach the curtain to the wooden bar.In the middle of the bar, it is necessary to nail two rings: one in the middle and one from the edge. We pass cords to these rings. First through the central, then through the side. And tie it with a knot. Cords should be so long that, pulling them, you could easily adjust the height of the rise of the curtain.
  9. Hang the curtain on the cornice behind the hinges on the tightening braid.
  10. Pull the cord, lift it to the desired height. The free end of the cord can be decorated with a beautiful tassel and fixed on a decorative hook on the wall.

Weighting agents attached to the bottom of the curtains will accelerate their descent and allow them to hang on the window more evenly.