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Christmas tree of sweets and champagne: make an original decoration

Soon a magical holiday?Looking for new opportunities for decorating the New Year's table? A fir-tree of sweets and champagne is a great idea, everyone can realize it. Having mastered the principle of creating such a souvenir, you will make any option from the simplest to the most complex, sophisticated with additional decor.

Christmas tree of sweets and champagne

What you need to cook

To make a beautiful Christmas tree of candy and champagne, you need the following:

  • a bottle of champagne;
  • Candy in green or multi-colored wrappers is better than elongated, but it is possible to have a round shape;
  • adhesive or thermal gun;
  • green corrugated paper, mesh, organza, satin ribbon;
  • scissors;
  • decorative elements (beads, tinsel, asterisks, snowflakes).

How will your Christmas tree look like candy andchampagne, depends on the method of production and the amount of time that you are willing to spend on its creation. The minimum set of parts is the first three points, the rest is optional.

Christmas tree of sweets and champagne with your own hands (quick way)

If you do not have time to engage in creativity, but still want to make a decoration for the table, use the following technology.

  1. Take the corrugated paper, glue it into the tube.
  2. Put it on the bottle. The corrugation will take the appropriate form. This can also be done with a green nylon or other elastic fabric (cut off the knee or socks).
  3. On top of the tiers, glue the sweets for the loose ends of the wrappers. Try to do it so that from below the tree looked more spacious, that is, keep the semblance of a conical tree.
  4. Near the cork, you can paste the decor in the form of a star, wrap the design with beads or tinsel.

All is ready. It will take about half an hour. Perhaps, the tree will not turn out so magnificent and natural, but it will be uniquely beautiful.

Christmas tree with chocolates and champagne

Christmas tree of sweets and champagne with our own hands: a master class

To get a more voluminous and decorative option, act according to the following technology:

  1. It is possible, as in a simple method, first to perform a "cover" for a bottle of green corrugated paper.
  2. Cut the organza or any other material onto strips or take a satin ribbon of green color.
  3. Another way is to make balls from squares of the same fabric, from ribbons, mesh.
    You just need to drop the glue into the center of the square and insert a toothpick or match. You will have a magnificent cone on a stick.
  4. When the workpieces are made, stick them with tiersfirst the fabric strips, making folds with glue, and then sweets. So continue to the neck of the bottle. The tree turns out magnificent, openwork and decorative.
  5. Top with a spiral hang beads or tinsel. You can decorate the surface with snowflakes, balls, asterisks.

Here everything is limited by your imagination anddesire to create an original and unique thing. If you liked the idea, but such a gift is too expensive (the price of champagne, sweets, decor and work is quite high), the number of sweets can be made smaller by increasing the gaps between the tiers. They are easy to fill with voluminous tinsel.

Christmas tree of sweets and champagne

A nice sweet present

Any of the above ways you cancreate an original souvenir. It is used not only as a champagne decor for a festive table. As an option, you can try to make, so to speak, a non-alcoholic gift. The bottle is used empty (as a base), closing it with sweets and other ornaments completely, along with the neck. And if you get an exquisite beautiful accessory, and it will be a pity to use it for its intended purpose (eating candy), you can carefully pull them out so that the candy wrappers remain in their places. After that it is enough to fill the void with material, for example, for soft toys. However, it is convenient to do only with candies of round shape.

So, you saw how a Christmas tree made of candy and champagne is made. Half an hour of time can be precisely found to make such an original decor for a New Year's table or gift.