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Aromatic heart from coffee beans

In our troubled times, filled with stressand constant work and a hard work, and an intense social life, the archetypal task is to fall asleep on time, and wake up healthy, fresh and vigorous, so that you can smile every day. Advertising now and then slips unknown subjects, who are - about horror! - go to work or study in high spirits, full of strength, and therefore seem to us aliens. Fortunately, thanks to a shepherd who discovered inexplicable cheerfulness of goats after they had dined with leaves of an unknown plant, a product appeared, without which the inhabitants of megacities do not present a good and cheerful morning today.

The cult of coffee is quite appropriate and in conditions of noisycity, when the aroma from the coffee house pushes us to friendly conversations, and in a small mountain village, where it seems in a particularly tasty and smoky way. A lot has been said about the benefits and dangers of this product, and yet it remains relevant. Beautiful women tout a drink, in the grain of coffee it's just nice to immerse your hands. A pouch with grains must be taken with you to the perfume shop, so that you can readily perceive new smells, and that you do not become sick from the abundance of aromas; it will refresh a small space like the car's interior; coffee grains give fresh breath. Of these, you can make a picture-application, which will simply refresh the interior. And in general needlewomen actively use this material in their crafts, turning ordinary things into real works of art. So, let's get acquainted: crafts from coffee beans.

heart made of coffee beans

I put my heart in coffee

Such a phrase is appropriate not only when youCook the fragrant drink. With the help of grains you can create cute things. If your second half is a caffeine, then for the day of all lovers create a postcard for her, laying your heart out of coffee beans on thick paper (brown looks good in combination with pink or blue) and fixing it with glue. Write a few words about your common love for the divine drink. You can make a textile heart from coffee beans, in other words, a cushion. Such pads are with herbs or essential oils, but the coffee pillow will help revive the mind. Grain trim a simple photo frame. Remarkably look and pictures laid out of coffee. Interesting look candles, pasted with this product. The options are weight - for every taste and degree of employment. But in the form of a tree, a heart of coffee beans (photo is presented in the article) has long been popular with those who want to create coziness in the house. Let's learn how to do this wonderful work.

tree heart made of coffee beans

How to make a heart-tree from coffee beans? First step

First, decide which tree you arewant: a conical Christmas tree or something ball-shaped, or maybe a romantic - heart-shaped? If the last option attracts you the most, then select the basis. It can be simply cut out of polystyrene (properly grind the mold). If you have something suitable for the role of the sample, then cover it with paper and create a papier-mache, strong enough - because the adhesive can spread out from the glue. Maybe there is an unnecessary frame in the form of a heart, ideally suitable for a hollow in the center of a tree? It all depends on your idea. Prepare (degrease or wrap with a cloth like canvas) surface. The best way is an adhesive gun. Apply the glue and plant the seeds on it. And you can dip the workpiece in the glue, and then - in the grain, so that they well clothed it. The heart of coffee beans is ready - wait until it dries, and varnish for durability. If you want to feel the fragrance more strongly, leave the crown so - just glue the seeds sometimes.

heart from coffee beans photo

The second stage of needlework

In advance, worry about the trunk of our tree.It can be bizarrely curved or straight. Here and in fact can be useful bitch. Popular is the option with a twig wrapped in a coarse thread. Or adjust materials that are ideal for you. Both polystyrene and plastic - all fit. Plant the heart from the coffee beans onto the glue and attach to the trunk. Prepare and a pot - a usual floral, small size. You can plant a small lawn grass or pour decorative stones on a tree.

Where to use crafts made of coffee?

The tree-heart will be a good gift.Make yourself a small garden of such "plants" of different shapes. Put the pot on the bookshelf or on the desk. If you are a fan of all kinds of hanging, then pick up the perfect strands: rough or made of crystals. Then hang the hearts (or any other shapes - asterisks, small animals, balls, cubes - the main thing is that they are combined) from coffee of different sizes on the base or attach them, for example, so that they hang from the bar counter.

crafts from coffee beans heart


If you are inspired, then call suchsame coffee fans, like you, and arrange a party. Prepare several kinds of drink, serve oriental sweets, chocolate. Caution! Do not get carried away with a drink, think about your heart! You can hold a master class on creating coffee hearts, or simply give guests such accessories for the house.

Let the coffee trees bring you joy all year round!