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How to make a dog out of paper with your own hands

Made of paper of various figuresare called origami. Doing this kind of needlework is very exciting and interesting. A special place here is the creation of various animal species. An interesting craft is a dog. This article will talk about how to make a dog out of paper with your own hands.

how to make a dog made of paper origami

Where to begin

Before taking on an original hand-crafted article, you must prepare the following materials:

  • colored paper one-sided of the color that the dog is planned to have;
  • scissors;
  • pencil.

Phased manufacturing

  • The first step is the head. From the sheet of paper you need to cut out the figure in the form of a square.
  • Then it is necessary to fold the workpiece diagonally and to iron the fold well.
  • The resulting figure must be arranged in such a way that the top is facing upward. First, to the top you need to bend the corner to the right, and then the one on the left.
  • Now it is necessary to straighten the triangles and to bend them to the newly appeared fold.
  • At this stage, you need to straighten the corners and bend both to the first fold.
  • Then the workpiece must be turned over.
  • Small triangles need to be bent along the fold line.
  • The corners left below should be bent to the workpiece.
  • At this stage, they straighten and bend inward along the already existing fold line.
  • The upper part of the corner needs to be folded down.
  • The workpiece is again turned over, and the next step will need to bend the upward corner, located at the bottom of the craft. The sheet of paper was one-sided, which means that the muzzle of the dog will turn white.
how to make a dog out of paper

This part of the article talked about how to make a dog out of paper in stages, namely how to create a head for crafts.

How to Make a Torso

Previously, you need to cut another square of paper of the same color, which went to make a muzzle. And then you need to follow the following instructions:

  • Add the triangle shape from the existing square.
  • Rotate the workpiece in such a way that the fold is vertical and bend the corner at the top right to the vertical line.
  • You also need to do this with the angle on the left to get the same triangles.
  • Now you need to bend the remaining corners in the same way.
  • The resulting triangle bends to the central part, so that a few centimeters remain to the top of the craft.
  • Now we need to bend a part of the triangle diagonally.
how to make a paper dog bite

So, it is almost clear how to make a three-dimensional dogfrom paper. Thus, the craft had a tail, which will serve as a support. At the last stage, you need to draw a muzzle and connect the body with the head, it just puts it over the body.

What other version of the craft?

How to make a paper dog-kusaku? Here you will need the following materials:

  • one-sided sheet of colored paper, it must be square;
  • scissors;
  • pencil.

Step-by-step execution

  • The right and left sides of the sheet are folded so as to get a triangle.
  • Then fold the workpiece in half.
  • The left side is bent to obtain a vertical triangle, with one side coinciding with the middle.
  • Then straighten the fold and iron the upper part, thus forming the future head.
  • To make ears, you need to bend both sides of the craft on both sides. The lower corner bends upward to make a nose.
  • Now the handicraft needs to be turned over.
  • In order for the trunk to be uniform, it is necessary to make a longitudinal fold.
  • Then the workpiece is turned over to make the tail of the dog.
  • A more original piece of art will be if the tail will consist of several folds.
  • At the last stage, the eyes and nose are drawn to the dog.
how to make a dog out of paper in stages

The third way to make a dog

Having considered two methods of crafts, you can goto the third. How to make a dog out of paper? The methodology, which will be described below, is ideal for working with children. Before you do origami, you need to have the following materials on hand:

  • square sheets in the number of two pieces (any color is chosen);
  • a small leaf of pink color;
  • felt-tip pen or black pencil;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

Step-by-step manufacturing

  • A square-shaped paper sheet is bent in such a way as to obtain a triangular shape. The workpiece is folded diagonally.
  • The lower corner of the craft is slightly bent, and the workpiece is laid aside for a while.
  • To make a dog a head, you need a second sheet of paper, which must be folded in the manner specified above.
  • The triangle, which turned out, should be folded once again to obtain additional lines, they should be thoroughly ironed.
  • The left and right edges of the triangle are bent to the central part, but do not reach the main fold line a little. This will be the ears of the dog.
  • Now the craft turns to the other side, the corner located in the center, you need to bend and how to iron the place of the fold.
  • It remains to connect the head with the body with glue.
  • At the last stage it is necessary to draw a nose, paws and eyes, and also to cut out from pink paper language for the future pet and also to fix it with glue in the right place.
how to make a three-dimensional dog out of paper

So, now it should be clear how to make an origami dog out of paper.

A bit of history

If you turn to Japanese culture, from where,In fact, the unusual origami art came to us, then this word can be translated as "folded paper". Interestingly, originally such handicrafts originated in China, where the paper was invented. Gradually, unusual crafts received world recognition, but most of all they became interested in Japan.

This part of the art for a long timetime was available exclusively to people related to the aristocracy. Here, the ability to fold origami was one of the signs of good tone. Secrets of paper masterpieces passed from generation to generation and even created whole books, which, if necessary, corresponded.

how to make a paper dog

Origami can be considered as the most unusual andoriginal art form. The main rule here is not to make changes and not to remove details, even if they seem superfluous. This is the approach preferred by the Japanese, creating true masterpieces from solid sheets of paper. Initially, this technology has found wide application for many ceremonies of both secular and religious nature. For example, when they married, they made butterflies in the style of origami to decorate the glasses of those present at the celebration of people, and they did not forget about the figures that symbolize the young couple.

It is interesting that origami could serveoriginal amulets of samurai, for this paper was additionally decorated with dried meat or shark skin. Such amulets were supposed to keep the soldiers and help them to win. As can be seen from the article, origami is a whole art, which will be interesting not only for adults but also for children. If you master first simple work, then you can gradually move on to the real masterpieces.