/ Mastery of weaving from newspaper tubes. Master class from Elena Tishchenko

Mastery of weaving from newspaper tubes. Master class from Elena Tishchenko

There is an interesting kind of needlework - weaving fromnewspaper tubes. Many craftsmen have mastered this technique in perfection and generously share their knowledge and experience with those who also dream of learning how to create. Elena Tishchenko - one of these needlewomen.

Not a vine, but still

Weaving does not concern mankindmillennium. To produce the necessary items in everyday life, flexible branches of trees and shrubs, bark, strong dry stems and leaves were used. But modern masters try to use so-called waste materials, creating from them incredible beauty.

Who invented to twist old newspapers into thin onestubes to replace the vine, is unknown. But this kind of needlework is rapidly gaining popularity. The name of Elena Tischenko is familiar to all those who want to learn this kind of creativity. After all, she actively promotes this kind of needlework, captivating with her skill, revealing the secrets and nuances that she has already mastered.

Elena tischenko

Fundamentals of Excellence

To learn how to weave from newspaper tubesown hands beautiful and useful things, you need to begin to master the technique of folding a paper sheet into tubes of the same thickness. It only seems that there is nothing to do here, but in reality everything is a little more complicated. For weaving, newspaper news was selected for several reasons - there are a lot of it, the press read by the household and neighbors, a penny, the merchandise in the form of newspapers and magazines not analyzed by the buyers on the trays, all this becomes a material for creativity. The craftsmen call newspaper tubes - a paper vine.

The master Elena Tischenko on her YouTube channel,as well as in groups of social networks and on his own website, shows how to correctly twist a vine from paper. To do this, you need to prepare newspapers and glue. It turns out that weaving from different newspapers has its own peculiarities: some prints get very dirty, others have thin paper and tear, others have small format sheets.

In any case, the principle of weaving is:

  • With a stationery knife you need to cut the stripes from the newspaper, they are about 7 centimeters wide;
  • a paper strip is wound on a thin needle at a slight angle - 20-30 degrees;
  • the tail is pasted with the usual clerical glue, it is most convenient to use high-quality glue-pencil;
  • the spoke is removed.

Everything - a pipe-wicker for weaving is ready.

from the newspaper tubes themselves

Start over

To learn how to work with newspaper tubes and make your own hands create beautiful things, you need to learn the principles of weaving from a paper vine. They are based on thousands of years of experience of mankind.

This is a real art, with its secrets,Secrets that are revealed to the master over time. In this kind of needlework, as weaving from paper vines, masters use several basic techniques of weaving:

  • open-work;
  • rope weaving;
  • square;
  • an orderly;
  • layered;
  • simple;

Each kind of weaving uses its technique and patterns of interlacing vines with the base. And the creation of the foundation is the beginning of any work.

master class Elena Tischenko

Simple things

The first thing that masters are recommended to doweaving, can be an ordinary basket. She will be helped by a small master class. Elena Tishchenko, by the way, in her blogs and on the video channel offers such step-by-step instructions to help novice masters of weaving. But where do we start to understand if this kind of needlework is interesting or is it better to do something else? Weave the first thing.

Newspaper tubes should be decomposed intoplane in this way: four side by side and four on top of the previous ones at an angle of 90 degrees, that is across. Another two tubes placed on top of the previous diagonally, to get an angle of 45 degrees, and two more exactly the same, but the other way. The result was a star-shaped base of 24 tubules of the base.

elena tishchenko biography

Now the tube, which will roll a basket,It is necessary to fold it in half, it basks on the base of the basket, grabbing two tubes of the stellate base. This moment must be strictly observed, so that the basket is strong enough: two tubes of one ray, again two tubes of this ray, then two separate tubes. So it repeats in a circle, until all the rays of the base are woven.

Elena tischenko

Weave in a circle to continue, until the bottombasket does not get the right diameter. Then on the bottom is put a suitable size bowl, saucepan without handles, a round box. Rays of the base are bent upwards, and the weaving continues already in height. Reception of weaving can be changed at will. When the height of the basket is the one you need - weaving ends. The first wicker thing with my own hands is ready from the paper vines.

from the newspaper tubes themselves

How to decorate this world?

The master Elena Tischenko gives many usefuladvice to those who are keen on this kind of needlework. Wicker items can be painted and decorated with the help of the "decoupage" technique. One main advice: to make sure that the newsprint is well-colored, to obtain the desired color, the finished product should be primed. To do this, you can use acrylic primers of white color, sold in construction stores. You can make a primer according to Elena's recipe:

  • 1 part acrylic interior paint white;
  • 1 part of PVA glue;
  • Water until a primer is obtained consistency of liquid sour cream.

Already the finished product is primed with a wide brush,unpainted small areas are then further passed by a small brush. During priming and painting, the finished product should not be strongly wetted, otherwise it will fall apart. After priming a wicker thing, you need to let it dry thoroughly. Then it is painted and decorated if desired. It is convenient to use napkins for decoupage, because they easily fall on any base, including the wicker surface.

from the newspaper tubes themselves

Weaving from newspaper tubes (paper vines) -entertaining creativity. It is suitable even for children, because it does not require sharp objects, needles, and the process of interlacing small elements develops the motor skills of the hands, which is so important in childhood. However, adults are no less attracted to this kind of creativity. As, for example, Elena Tishchenko.

Little is known about the biography of this craftsman. Do not post on the Internet Elena and your photos. Users can admire only her works. She prefers not to talk about herself, but to show her works and teach others about this craft. Weaving from a paper vine is an accessible form of creativity, it can be an exciting activity in your spare time, and can become the basis of all life.