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Kokoshnik of the Snow Maiden. How to make a kokoshnik for the Snow Maiden

Each nationality has its own nationalcostumes, the details of which can immediately determine the ethnicity of a person. A headband with feathers will be given out by an Indian, a broad-shouldered sombrero - a Mexican or a Spaniard, a wreath with numerous bright satin ribbons - a Ukrainian fashionista of the past centuries, and a beaded kokoshnik - a majestic Russian beauty.

A few words about the headdress

kokoshnik of the Snow Maiden

In this article we will talk about how to makeKokoshnik Snegurochki himself for the New Year carnival. But first let's say a few words about the very subject of the women's national costume. The word "kokoshnik" is rarely heard today. It was successfully replaced by the more familiar "crown". It though and is not absolutely exact, but correctly enough reflects an essence of a subject. Kokoshnik Snegurochki really looks like a crown, which looks like a crescent or a big fan, less often a shield wrapped around the head. The name is associated, as the linguists affirm, with the Old Russian word "kokosh". This is what our ancestors said about the quivering chickens who had chickens. Consequently, the Snow Maiden's kokoshnik is an adornment of an adult girl, whom it is time to marry.

Shape of the dress

how to make a kokoshnik for the Snow Maiden

Smart, rich "crowns" had to paythe attention of the guys to potential brides. A fan or a comb was attached to a cap, which was worn directly on the head. It could be deep, close the low forehead, ears and the back of the head - depending on how it was customary in some area to braid and lay the braids of the girls: wrap them around the head, let them down over the shoulders or wrap around the ears. So the Snow Maiden's kokoshnik can also be such that it is convenient to wear it and wear it during the carnival.

As for the decor, then you are givencomplete freedom of action. To decorate the dress, beads for pearls will fit, because their openwork weaving mesh is the most often seen on museum exhibits. And the pearl threads descending on the cheeks, rhinestones, pieces of brocade, foil, Christmas-tree rain (everything that flickers, sparkles, shines) surely will suit you. And even flowers made of tissue paper, lace. Kokoshnik Snegurochki is often supplemented with a light shawl-cobweb, which also corresponds to the old Russian traditions in wearing this headdress. Or silk ribbons, with which it is fixed on the head.

Necessary materials

In the olden days for making a master's dressThey used special metal bands, thick paper and cloth, cardboard, other materials. You also need to stock up on them. Instead of metal strips, aluminum wire is suitable. When you plan how to make a kokoshnik for the Snow Maiden, pick up several pieces of wire of different lengths. Why aluminum? This wire is strong enough to hold the shape, and flexible (it can be bent in the most intricate way). In addition, you will not be prevented by pieces of foam rubber, universal glue, threads, plain and wrapping paper, scissors, a simple pencil, an eraser.

Kokoshnik for the girl: initial preparations

costume of the Snow Maiden photo
How to make a kokoshnik for the Snow Maiden,that it will be a girl of 5 to 10-11 years old? The headgear in this case is easy and simple, but what else should a beginner in the field of design? Having already stuffed your hand, the next year you will make a more complicated kokoshnik for Snegurochka.

We'll start the master class by choosing the style. From ordinary cardboard, it can be corrugated, cut out the shield-crown in the form of a half-moon of medium height. If your daughter likes a pointed kokoshnik, give the workpiece a domed shape. Make a cut in the semicircle for the head of the appropriate size. That the decoration did not press on the skin and did not cause any inconvenience, and also kept well, on the front and back sides of the kokoshnik, cut the foam rubber stripes along this cutout. You can disguise them with either a rainbow, or with wrapping paper or other fittings.

Kokoshnik for the girl: the final stage

кокошник Снегурочки photo
Here you have a base for kokoshnik forSnow Maiden. The master class for beginners continues. Your task is to decorate the headdress, making it as elegant as possible. Cover it with light blue or white silk. You sew small snowflakes bought in the store or shredded beads, small beads-pearls or transparent glass beads. As an option, fit lace patches. The Snow Maiden costume, the photo of which you see above, includes a hat of this type. It looks nice, right? And the last step: sew 2 blue or white ribbons, tie a bow under your hair. Dress up your daughter now and hurry to the carnival!

Details of the attire

a Snow Maiden costume with a kokoshnik
What elements does the costume consist of?Snow Maiden? Photo reproductions of folk tales and New Year cards, presented in the article, will help you remember the details of the outfit of Santa Claus's granddaughter. A snowy girl wears a straight long dress or a Russian sarafan. The color of the fabric - all shades of blue, white, can be gently-turquoise. The dress must be trimmed with fur. On top of the brocade or fur coat to the middle of the thighs, the tone of the dress. Mufftail or gloves. And boots. Of course, for a girl, a knee-length dress, light trousers or pantyhose is more suitable. You must embroider your clothes with sequins. On the head instead of kokoshnika put on a crown cap.

Kokoshnik on the rim

kokoshnik Snegurki
Very convenient and easy to make a kokoshnikSnow Maiden (photo attached) for a carnival costume, taking as a basis the usual rim for the hair. It should be wide enough, do not move out of the head. Suitable for plastic or steel. From the aluminum wire make a fan-shaped base. It can be like half a snowflake. Secure the workpiece to the rim. Connect a thin foam or fabric to the frame with the help of clerical clips or sew stitching threads with large stitches. Tighten the fabric with glitter: silk, brocade, satin, organza (which is available). Even white or blue satin will do, as all the same the costume of the Snow Maiden with a kokoshnik will require additional ornaments. And to the crown on the rim is easier to mount a pearl mesh and beads.

Variants of decor

outfit for the Snow Maiden
How else to decorate the kokoshnik? Buy a larger variety of white beads, similar to pearls. Having measured the length of the forehead and leaving 5-7 centimeters in stock, prepare 5 pieces of strong thread and string beads on them, fixing the ends. One sew, leaving the passes, to the kokoshnik. The second string is already fastened to the first, stitching in checkerboard order. Third to second, and so on. You should get a reticule that resembles a fish scales with a pattern. It is placed on the forehead of the Snow Maiden. Approximately at the level of the temples to the kokoshniku ​​attach more rows of beads - they must go down along the face and can reach the line of the lower jaw, and even completely up to the neck. True, this version of the dress is more suitable for a teenage girl. If the outfit you are preparing for a little girl, do so: from the beads refuse, the bottom base of the kokoshnik trim with a bright blue ribbon. And cut from it a few pieces, for example, 6, 10-15 cm long. From pieces of light fur or threads make small pomponics balls. Sew them to one of the edges of chopped ribbons. And connect the second edges with the kokoshnik where for a more mature Snegurka it was supposed to fasten low beads. Original, stylish, comfortable and charming - that's what you can say about your dress!