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Plastic handicrafts for the beginners: ideas, photos, master-class

Many interesting and original crafts fromplastic make the master for decorating the interior of the premises and garden plots. The material is easy to work and inexpensive for the price. You can create crafts from both waste material, and from the new, depending on what the work is done for.

In the course are plastic cups andused bottles, spoons and forks of different colors, and which functional objects are made of pipes made of PVC plastic. Crafts are simple, which can be done by children, and quite complex, which only experienced masters can perform.

In this article we will consider several finished products fromdifferent plastic, how to work with him, what wonderful and useful things you can create. We will give detailed instructions for manufacturing each element, we will present photos of the finished products. So, how to make plastic crafts?

Designer Christmas tree

In order to create a holiday suchdecoration of the apartment, you need to buy several PVC pipes of different diameters. They need to be cut into thin cylinders, which are the same in length. To cut plastic use a specially designed tool - scissors for cutting pipes, a cordless pipe cutter, there is a roller-type pipe cutter. If you perform such artifacts from plastic for the first time and do not have any tools in the data cabinet, do not worry, because you can always use a metal hacksaw.

The only drawback of such a tool is that hePlastic leaves burrs. But this is not a problem either, it is enough to process the edges with sandpaper or to clean it with a knife. For the tree trunk, you need to leave a piece of 30-40 cm from the pipe of the largest diameter, depending on the size of the crafts made of plastic.

Christmas tree made of PVC pipes

Then you need to prepare a base for the wallpanel. It can be a shield made of plywood or fiberboard, you can buy a color one. Further on the floor are all the pieces of pipe - from small to largest - in such a way that a triangular shape is obtained. It is more convenient to first lay out the large elements, and already between them fill the voids with small details.

For attaching elements to the substrate, a strong adhesive "Moment of Plastic" is used. It is transparent, so that the visual object of the decor will not spoil.

How to decorate an original Christmas tree?

After completing the main part of the work onmaking a New Year's craft of plastic take for filling each cylinder. Like the usual Christmas tree for the New Year, for the Christmas tree decorations are also used. A star of any color is attached to the top. Further decorative elements are distributed depending on the size of the cylinder.

You can do a lot of self-made together with the childtoys and beautifully place them in round voids. Beautiful looking angels, balls. If the child wants to put toys there, do not scold him, because this is his holiday. Decide how to decorate handmade plastic items with your own hands, you need to together, the whole family. This brings together family members, and the creative process of doing this kind of work captivates both young and adults.

Convenient stand for needlework

If you are serious about making craftsfrom tapes, for example, working on making bows, gift packs or, for example, decorating glasses and bottles for a wedding, such a convenient stand will help you avoid chaos on your desktop. All the coils with ribbons are placed on a PVC plastic pipe, they are free to access, the tape stretches without applying effort, you can immediately see where the color is located.

Cut pieces of ribbons without removing the roll withcoasters. If you need to add tapes of other colors to work, then the replacement is simple - pulling a piece of pipe from the corner. When the new roll is put on, the plastic tube is simply inserted back into its place.

It looks very neat, itsyou can always wash with a detergent. If one of the elements is damaged, you do not have to throw it out with the help of your own hand, it will be enough to replace one element by cutting the pipe to the desired size.

Support for needlework

To manufacture a frame from plastic pipes, you needBuy the material itself and in addition 8 corners with three input holes located at an angle of 90 °. Sliced ​​with a hacksaw or pipe cutter 4 identical lengths, 50-60 cm in size. They will be located at the length of the craft at the top and bottom. Then a pipe is cut for the sides. The length of each is also the same and is about 25-30 cm.

It remains only to insert the pipes into the holescorners and collect handmade from plastic. The photo clearly shows what a stand is like. The finished product turns out to be light, clean, it's not a shame to place it on the desktop. If you want to add additional parts to the stand, for example, a scissors cup or a needle pad, they can be hung on an elastic band or on a plastic hook. It is fixed on a double-sided scotch tape.

Table-spruce with plastic forks

Since we are in the article touched on the New Year theme andwe examined how it is possible to make a wall panel in the form of a Christmas tree made of plastic PVC pipes, but now let's make a handmade craft of plastic for our novice masters. After all, this is a Christmas tree made of disposable forks. It has a small size, and it can be installed on a New Year's table or on a shelf in the room. Also, such a Christmas tree can be made for a school New Year's exhibition.

As a basis, you can usea foam cone or a thick piece of foam, cutting out a similar shape from it. To decorate the top, prepare a package of ear plugs, which are placed in the form of rays of the sun, in a circle. In order to keep them firmly in this position, you must first cut the cotton wool from one end. Plastic sticks are laid on a piece of plastic, carved in the shape of an asterisk, and attached with glue "Moment Plastic", or use an adhesive gun.

Christmas tree of forks

From the top of the top there is a longera stick that will hold the whole structure. Then at the junction of all the details (in the center) another star is attached. The top is ready, work on the very hand-made plastic is started by own hands (photo is available above).

To create such a prickly beauty you will need30-40 forks, depending on the height and width of the cone. Each fork is cut at the base. Leave a small smooth section of 1-1.5 cm in length. It will be applied with glue. Begin gluing the cone from below, moving along the circumference. Each next row is shifted to half a single-use fork so that the "branches" of the Christmas tree do not look like rows, but are "fluffy" on all sides.

The top is inserted into the vertex of the cone by a simplepressing, you can apply a little more glue on the wand so that the top of the tree does not fall off when you move the craft, for example, to school. It is possible during the preparation of materials for making plastic artifacts (photo above) to look for green forks on sale. After creating a bright and original masterpiece from plastic forks, you can cover them with a layer of glue and sprinkle with sequins or tinsel cut into small pieces.

Snowman from plastic glasses

Thin plastic for crafts allows you to creatework without glue. For example, from plastic disposable cups you can collect such a wonderful snowman for New Year's holidays. This product is able to decorate not only the home environment, but also applicable in children's institutions, offices and other organizations.

The inner part of a snowman made of plasticglasses has a void, so often there are placed bulbs or multi-colored lights garlands. After turning on such lighting, the room will instantly change, and during a dance party such a snowman will play the role of a light effect.

A hand-crafted piece of plastic with their own hands (photobelow in the article) of the two main elements. This is the character's body and his head. They are performed in the form of a torus, that is, they are not completely spherical, but with flat parts from below and from above. This is done in order to have a good grip of the elements among themselves. Yes, and the bottom of the figure is flat and can stand confidently on the floor or table, without rolling on its side.

Snowman from glasses

Take for work glasses of white color,fold open part outward and staple with each other. Due to the fact that the glass is not flat, but has the shape of a truncated cone, then after the bonding, the shape of a "bagel" or a geometric figure will be obtained.

In order for the next row to be widerprevious, an additional cup is added. When you reach the desired diameter, you can take one element in each next row. This is done until the initial number of glasses. For example, if we took the 8th layer on the first layer, then the work on the layer with eight glasses ends. All layers are fastened together in the same way, that is, with a stapler.

When the head is made, the figure is obtaineda smaller size, but the principle of action is similar. It remains to attach the head and torso to the clips. Then the work continues, because you need to decorate the figure. This can be done in different ways, at the request of the master. The neck is usually fastened with a scarf, you can put a hat on your head, make a bucket from the paper or sew a cap from the fabric.

The nose-carrot is simply inserted into the emptiness of the glass at the desired level. So you can do with other details.

Children's tableware

The second life of plastic is crafts made fromhim. So do not rush to throw empty bottles or jars of detergent. After all, you can create wonderful objects from them. Let's consider further, as from plastic bottles to make such beautiful set - a cup and a teapot. It takes material of different sizes. For example, it is better to create a cup from a small half-liter bottle, for a lower part of the kettle, buy a two-liter container, a smaller one - a 1.5-liter bottle - is useful for making a lid.

Children's tableware

Do not discard the trimmings from the bottles. Of these, thin stripes for handles are cut out. They are pasted on transparent glue "Crystal" or "Moment of Plastic". For the tip of the kettle, look for a small tube of thin plastic and, with a knife cut out, tightly insert it into the kettle.

Now let's decorate the dishes. For painting, you can use acrylic paints. They do not smell and perfectly stick to the plastic. Drawing can come up with different. The only warning! Each cut is better to melt a little with a hot iron, then the child will not be able to cut himself against the sharp edge of the bottle. Handicrafts made from plastic are easy to do, and products can come up with an infinite number, especially for gaming activities for children and for the interior of the garden plot.

Original vase

On the frame-by-line image of the manufacturing processvases from a plastic bottle are well visible all the stages of work. First, the height and color of the vase is thought out, because the bottles are of different colors. If the product thinks wide, then you need to take a two-liter bottle. Cut a narrowed neck and to one level cut thin strips, try to keep their width equal.

Vase from the bottle

After this, all the strips must be bent to the backside at an angle of 90 °. Then the most difficult and laborious part of the work begins - the interweaving of strips between each other. As you can see in the photo above, the elements are bent one at a time. The adjacent band is skipped, and the next two we weave the first element.

So work continues until all the bandswill not be beautifully bent and intertwined. It is necessary to do this work clearly, smoothing the fold lines. If the work is done correctly, the vase will have a beautiful and smooth edge. If at least one element is not exactly executed, or the fold is poorly smoothed, then the entire harmonic structure of the decor of the vase will be disturbed.

Flowers from spoons and forks

From plastic devices, namely, spoons orforks, you can make such beautiful candlesticks, as in the photo below. Doing them is easy. In one work, you can combine both one and the other item of utensils. In one flower, the objects of the dishes are placed face up, in the other - down.

The cardboard circle is used as the basis of the flower. If you do not have white, you can take any, even corrugated, and glue it on both sides with plain white paper. Then spoons and forks are cut. In this case, the stem is cut completely. Begin the pasting of cardboard with spoons or forks on the outer circle, the second row is shifted slightly to the side so that each layer is clearly visible.

Lights from spoons

Plastered plastic parts superglue. After the candle is inserted into the center, around it the circle is framed by foam plastic balls. You can make an article "Flowers" from plastic of different colors. For example, the first row of making green forks is the greenery of a water lily. Then there is a row of white in the middle, make a middle yellow.

If you paste these flowers on a foam, you can run the resulting crafts in a pond or pool, they are perfectly kept on the surface of the water and do not sink.

Beautiful flower from the bottom of the bottle

To make such an original craft,You will need to prepare 2 or 3 plastic bottles of green color. The size of the container should be different. Outside, there will be a large part, inside it two others are inserted, for example, we take 1,5-liter, liter and half-liter plastic bottles.

Flower of bottles

You will also need: candle or lighter, superglue, decorative insert in the middle of the flower. It does not have to be the same color as the flower itself. You can use the contrast effect. Also, the bottles will look beautiful in different colors. All containers are cut to the bottom level.

Then cut out of its parts petals. Immediately after manufacture, they have smooth and unattractive edges. This can be corrected with the help of fire. You need to act carefully, keep the bottom necessary for the edge, so as not to get burned. Pass the edge of the petal over the fire several times until it turns out to be curved and wavy. This way all the petals are processed.

In the end, it remains only to attach all the parts to each otherto a friend, applying superglue on the central part of it. The second bottom is located with a shift to the side, so the flower will look lush and more voluminous.

Crafts from plastic for garden

From plastic bottles can be made and othersflowers are simpler, which are located mainly in the garden, in the garden or in the front garden. To produce them, you can collect several bottles of the same volume. The color does not really matter, because it still has to be painted. Acrylic paints are considered the best way to give bright colors to the flowers.

First you need to trim the top of the bottle withneck. Do not throw away the lid, as it will still come in handy in our work. Stems of future colors must be made from wire. To do this, take a thin metal rod and bend one side down. Another, even part of the rod, burrows into the ground by pressing.

Flowers for the front garden

If you want to have a whole bush of plasticflowers, then prepare more twigs. After the stalk is buried in the ground, a bottle of green is put on top. Its neck is directed downwards, and the upper part is cut into thin leaves. By pressing down the neck below the ground level.

Further work is already on the attachmentprepared colors. They are already cropped as they are in the photo, painted, the edges are rounded. You can make them rounded, also the details with corners or cut noodles will look beautiful.

In the caps of plastic bottles is donehole, you can use a drill or a sharp awl. After the lid is attached to the rod, it slightly bends and holds the flower in one place. For reliability, you can fix it with clay. Everything, a hand-made plastic for a garden with your own hands is ready!

The article presents some interestingcrafts with the use of plastic. As you can see from the detailed instructions and photos offered to the attention of the reader, it is not difficult to make such products, you will not have to spend too much on materials, and you can easily create beautiful and original handicrafts.