/ How to sew a pouch with strings? Bags for gifts and herbs with their own hands

How to sew a bag with string? Bags for gifts and herbs with their own hands

Tissue bag with strings is the most versatile package for almost any gift, from small jewelry to volume sets from several items.

Trying to find the perfect bag, many notice,that this task is not easy. That color does not fit, then the pattern does not like, then there is no suitable size. Of course, this can not be attributed to the tragedies of the world scale, however it is pleasant to present a gift, designed exactly as it was intended!

bags for herbs with their own hands

To sew or not to sew?

Despite the fact that the following bags forgifts sewn on a sewing machine, they can be made without such equipment. However, it is necessary to make very small neat stitches, so that the product does not look untidy.

For those who completely do not represent themselves witha needle in your hand, there is also a way out. They can simply cut out a circle from the fabric (the threads of which do not get enough sleep on the slices), put a gift in the center, collect the edges in a bun and tie it with a beautiful shoestring. Of course, such a package will no longer be a bag.

What you need to sew

To make a gift wrapping, you should prepare:

  1. The cloth.
  2. Threads in color or contrasting (in accordance with the plans of the master).
  3. Needle, scissors and centimeter tape.
  4. A beautiful cord or ribbon.
  5. Decorative elements: appliques, beads, embroidery threads and other materials.
    tissue pouch with strings

Any pattern of the pouch is a rectangle. The length of its sides varies depending on the size of the product planned. The chosen fabric for bags is very convenient to cut.

If the master needs several identicalproducts, it can speed up the process by automating each stage. For example, several rectangles should be found at once, then all of them should be sewn, sewed, ironed and shoelaces supplied.

If we are talking about the manufacture of embroidered torsos,then the decor should be taken care of even before sewing a bag with string. Embroidery is performed on a cut rectangle, otherwise it will be very inconvenient then.

Material selection

Before sewing a pouch with strings, it is necessarydecide on the cloth. The most elegant and most suitable for packages is organza. However, sewing bags from organza is a bit more complicated than from other materials (cotton, linen, wool or synthetics). This fabric "floats" and is constantly poured. This means that all the seams need to be carefully swept and ironed first, and only then they should be machine-stitched. In addition, the organza is transparent, so that all edges have to be carefully treated with an overlock or a small zigzag.

If the master is frightened of such difficulties, you canit is fine to manage a cotton beautiful cloth. Now the stores sell a variety of materials with amazing colors. The best thing here is that many of them can be bought with slices from 30 cm. This is quite enough for several bags of the same or different size.

How to sew a bag with string: a step-by-step master class

In this and the following paragraphs, the process of sewing a torch will be described. All steps are equipped with photos, so it will be difficult even for a beginner to get confused.

  1. First of all, you must overtake the rectangle around the perimeter.
  2. Next, you need to fold it in half (or combinetwo identical rectangles, if you can not find one big one) and sew on the sides. In the case when two parts are combined, three sides are sewn: sidewalls and bottom.
    process of sewing a pouch
    Carrying out this stage, it should be noted that the line ends at a distance of 5-6 cm from the edge.
  3. Overlapped, but uncross-edged edges are tucked inside and ironed. In order not to deform the fabric, you can first sweep the gateway.

smooth out the edges
4. Then the edge is folded in half and tied to one part of the bag. How this is done is shown below.

edge turn
Attention: many workmen inadvertently perform the seam at once on two details. It then has to be torn off, so you just need to bend one edge.
to lodge a gate

At the last stage, the ribbon is passed through the holes formed. That's the whole story about how to sew a bag with string.

Making strings

In the event that the master has not been able to find the ribbons suitable for the color or structure, she will have to sew the ties herself.

To do this, you should cut a tape three centimeters wide (the length depends on the size of the bag). Sequence of further work:

  1. Turn and hem edges. Bend should be not less than one centimeter, and the line is laid very close to the edge.
  2. Next, the strip of fabric is folded in half and ironed with an iron.
    pattern pouch
  3. Unfolding it, you can see a clear fold line. Both edges are folded to the center and smoothed in this condition. If this is difficult to do and the tape is constantly unfolding, you can sweep the seams and remove the mark after ironing.
    how to sew a pouch with strings
  4. The workpiece is folded along the pressed fold and spread out. It is also necessary to try to make the seam as close as possible to the edge.
    gift bags

So the tie is ready. It is put into sacks for gifts and makes knots at the ends.

bag with applique
This is not necessary, but allows you to eliminate the losstape. It should be noted that sewing organza ties is an extremely difficult and ungrateful task. Organza bags are better decorated with purchased tapes.

Making turtle for aromatic herbs

The described method of sewing bags is greatfor making herbal compositions. Despite the fact that in a specialized store offering a huge amount of synthetic deoxycentants, repelling moth and other insects, many housewives prefer the use of environmentally friendly products.

Organza bags

They sew bags for herbs themselves andlay in them a special mixture of several types of herbs. The most commonly used combinations are lavender, mint, thyme, rosemary, cloves, cinnamon and cedar shavings. In this case, not shredded materials, but seeds, stems and leaves work best. To the delight of many girls and women, bags for home use require much less attention than gift packs. Here you can apply the remains of fabric, from which you can not sew any large product. Strands can serve as ordinary strong threads. Given that no one will look inside, seams can not be treated with an overlock.

embroidered bags for herbs

Practicality and beauty

Pouches for herbs (they make them by their own handsexclusively from natural fabrics) are laid out on the shelves of cabinets or hung on hangers. Periodically, they should be crushed to release essential oils and renew the odor. It is believed that this set is enough for a whole season, that is, when you add winter clothing for storage, you can not be afraid for its safety.

How to decorate a turtle for grass

Here everything depends only on the imagination and abilities of the master. Most likely, only her and her family will see these items, so they should like the decor.

Of course, you can not decorate these products, leave them in the most natural form.

motives for embroidery

For those who are fond of embroidery on the surface, miniature samples located below are useful.

pattern for embroidery

Aspiring to beauty, do not forget about practicality: seams and ties should be strong. Otherwise it will be very long to choose from clothes scattered dry leaves.