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How to make a number from the balls?

How to make a number from the balls? Now tell. It's quite simple, if properly and with due preparation get right to the point.

How to make a number from the balls?

Every day, aerodesign - decoration of rooms and landscapes with the help of balloons - is gaining momentum. No holiday now can not do without such accessories.

from the balloons figure

But not everyone owns such skills, but wantsdecorate the holiday! The simplest thing is to make out of the balls the numbers that are most often needed for birthdays and many round dates. So, the figure of the balls with your own hands - where to start and how to do it?

What do we need?

Before you start creativity, you shouldBe aware that the balls are of different strength and size. To produce the figure you will need balls of the fifth size of green and other colors, ABVG 4x25 cable for rigid frame - 3.30 meters, glue gun and fishing line, and pump. The simplest example is "2". How to make a number of balls "2"? We'll tell you a little later. After all, we will not have a single figure, we make the whole composition.

balloons figures

Best of all, it will look greenwith which you must start. For the skeleton, the clearing should be cut off from the cable 1.2 meters. From the rest of the piece, 2.1 meters in length, make the basis for the two. The edges of each piece are made in the form of loops, so that the balls do not slip off after fastening. The glade is made of green balls, which are twisted together in a special way. They communicate in two and twist with another ready-made pair. These elements are called primitives. Each primitive is planted in a clearing. In all, they will need 16 pieces.


Now we will consider in detail how to make of ballsdigit "2". It must be made separately. To do this, balls of a different color, for example, yellow or pink, are inflated, they are twisted into primitives and are placed on the frame of the deuce. It should be borne in mind that the primitives needed to manufacture the figure will need much more than was used in the clearing. In total, one and a half packs of balls of the fifth size is required.

Now we have figured out how to make of the ballsfigure, it remains to compose the composition. To do this, you need to put two of the balls in a clearing and fix it with a fishing line. The height of the finished product is about 1.5 meters.

Final stage

Now you can decorate the glade itself.To do this, you will need long balls-sausages of different colors, but among them must necessarily be dark green and yellow. The rest are red, blue, like. From them you can make flowers, after which these products need to be fixed on a clearing with the help of an adhesive gun. For each flower will need three balls-sausages - green (stem), yellow (core) and any color (for petals). Work on the flower begins with a ball, from which the petals will be made. To do this, it needs to be inflated not completely, but so that it is not too tight and supple in the hands. The end and the top of the ball are tied together, having received a circle. Now you can inflate the foot of a flower - a green ball, but not to the end. A few centimeters of the tail should be left.

figure of the balls with your own hands

The yellow ball is the core - to inflate quite a bit.Should get a small ball. After that, cut an unnecessary piece, but so that you can tie a ponytail of the core. Now you can connect the stalk and the middle between each other. It remains to make petals. The resulting circle is twisted several times. Then mentally divide into three parts and twist each part once again. Then fold them and twist together. Screw the obtained petals to the stem with the core. The simplest flower is ready. You can make a couple of leaves in the middle of the stem. Now the ready flower is fastened with a glue gun to the clearing. How many such elements are needed for decoration, everyone decides for himself.


Now you know how to skillfully useBalloons. The figures and flowers from them turn out magnificent. These products can easily decorate the room. In addition, it is possible to make arches from balls, to give artificial bouquets. Children's matinees, birthdays, weddings and anniversaries can not do without such decorations. They give the holiday playfulness and childish spontaneity, but at the same time are an integral decoration and adult holidays - weddings, anniversaries and corporate parties.