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Textile doll-baby: pattern, description of the creation process

Handmade dolls today enjoy an unprecedentedpopularity. Many talented handmade masters create such amazing textile dolls, which can be attributed to works of art. Such talents are trying to imitate, buy master classes and patterns. There were many varieties, styles and images of handmade textile dolls. The most popular among them are puppies, pumpkins, skinheads and baby dolls.

How to create a textile doll yourself

Exclusive handmade doll can be purchasedfrom a talented master, and you can make yourself. Perhaps, complex options are not under the force of everyone, and primitive dolls-babies can easily master any. To do this, you will need a successful pattern of a doll-baby, a little cloth and time and a great desire to create something with your own hands. Well, let's talk about this in more detail.

baby doll pattern

In order to produce a textiledoll-baby own hands, beginners skilled workers will need a detailed description of the process, advice on the use of certain materials, even some secrets and subtleties that can be shared by experienced handmade masters. Some puppeteers offer free master classes and patterns of dolls-babies, others sell detailed descriptions of the process.

Today, not only the toys themselves are on sale, but also sets for sewing baby dolls with the necessary materials, description and patterns.

Nevertheless, if it is decided to create independentlyits unique toy, you can use one of the pattern patterns of the doll-baby. One of them is given below. To do this, you need to transfer the pattern to the fabric and proceed to the creative process.

Required materials for sewing dolls

Before you start, you need to prepare everythingnecessary. Well, if there is a sewing machine, it can facilitate and speed up the process, but quite successfully you can sew a doll-baby with your own hands with a needle and thread. For those who are just beginning to try themselves in the creation and creation of handmade toys, it is best to use the simplest pattern of a doll-baby. It is called primitive. A pattern will fit, where the head, body and legs are all-colored, only the handles are hanged separately.

For production you will need:

  • The shape of a full-size doll.
  • Fabric of any shade of flesh-colored for the baby's calf.
  • Any fabric for sewing clothes.
  • A special filler for toys (it can be a sintepon, sintepuh or holfaybber), as well as a wooden stick for stuffing details.
  • To create a hairstyle, you may need to choose from: thick yarn, yarn for felting, tresses of artificial hair.
  • Acrylic colors, blush and tassel in order to draw a face or a pair of black beads, if it is planned to create a pupa with a face like a tilde or a skinhead, only with eyes.

Patterns of a doll-baby

For sewing, you can use this pattern, and you can draw your own.

doll baby pattern full-sized pattern

The process of creating a doll-baby with their own hands

Where to begin? To sew a doll-baby a full-size pattern should be redrawn on paper, cut and transferred to a fabric. Then you need to sew by hand or stitch the car parts without cutting them, and after that, carefully cut and make on the edge of the notch so that after turning out the edges of the parts were smooth and not assembled.

set for sewing dolls baby

It is necessary to fill the filler with all the details andto start sewing clothes. The fact that the baby will be dressed up is worth considering immediately and picking up the necessary scraps of fabric. Further, the process depends on what kind of clothes will be: will it be with or without sleeves, will it be panties, a skirt or a dress. Here are some tips:

  • Sleeves and pants, after they are stitched on the machine, you need to put on the details of the handles and legs, and only then sew them to the body.
  • The easiest way is to make a doll dress. The length of the fabric, equal to the length of the dress with the processed edges, can be gathered at one edge and sewed directly to the doll just below the neck, then attach the handles and tie a bow or sew a collar around the neck.
  • Shoes can be painted with acrylic paints, or you can sew boots for patterning the legs with a small allowance or tie pinets that you can put on and take off.

Create a face baby

Once the pupa body is ready, you can begin to create the face. Here are the options:

  1. You can paint your face with acrylic paints.
  2. You can make a primitive face with beads in the form of an eye.

textile dolls baby

Both options will be interesting to look at. The first option is more difficult and requires effort. In order to draw a face, you must first draw a line in the pencil with your pencil, and designate a spout and sponges. Then paint your eyes:

  • white paint fill the entire area of ​​the eye;
  • draw an iris and a pupil;
  • circle the dark color (black or brown) outline;
  • draw cilia.

The spout can only be lightly marked, the sponge is drawn with the selected color. Blush can be applied with a real small brush or cotton swab.

The simplest face with puncture points can bemake using a black paint, drawing two identical points in place of the eyes, and you can sew small black beads. In this case, the baby can also be abused.

Create Hair

Hairstyle for a doll-baby with their own hands can bemake of thick knitting threads of any color. It is necessary to wind a small amount of thread on a cardboard of any width (depending on the desired length of hair), sew in the middle to the head of the pupa. Such hair can be slightly trimmed and collected in two ponytails on the sides or braid braids.

baby doll with own hands

For hair, you can use yarn for felting. A small piece should be sealed with a special needle in the middle to the head of the doll and make the desired hairstyle.

For the doll-baby you can use the tracks, just sewing them around the circle to the head. From above you can put on a hat or cap.

Now a unique, exclusive baby doll is ready.