/ / Panel of coffee beans. Create our own fragrant pictures

A panel of coffee beans. Create our own fragrant pictures

Today we will master technologymaking panels from coffee beans. Such a composition can be a wonderful decoration of the interior of your house or a gift to a friend - a fan of this invigorating drink. In addition, that the picture, made of coffee, has an original and spectacular appearance, it also emits an unrivaled fragrance. So, study the master class, consider a panel of coffee beans, photos of which are presented to your attention immediately, and be inspired by creativity.

a panel of coffee beans
What to depict on the composition?

The panel of coffee beans can be both objective(consist of a single figure), and the plot. The second option is more complicated in execution, but the result is worth it. We will picture an aromatic cup of coffee in the picture. We decorate and complement the product with a frame and decorative elements. If you are going to make a larger composition, then it can also represent a coffee pot and spoons. It will be such a still life. However, from coffee you can lay out any story, the main thing is to know the principle of working with this material. We will talk about this in the next master class.

We make a picture of coffee. Preparation of tools and materials

For work we will need:

  • coffee beans and ground;
  • dense cardboard;
  • sackcloth;
  • PET bottle (0.5 liters);
  • thermo-gun;
  • PVA glue;
  • Scotch tape;
  • brushes.

a panel of coffee beans photo
Step-by-Step Instructions for Making Coffee

  1. We make a cup.At the bottle we cut off the upper part and the neck. Cut the resulting part in half vertically. For future work will need only one such half. Put it on the cardboard with a convex side up, circle the bottom with a pencil and cut it out. Then glue the plastic to this element. As a result, you get a figure. Reminiscent cup with one flat side. Now glue the whole detail with paint tape. This will protect the plastic from melting while working with the thermal gun. All the product, except for the flat side, spread with PVA glue and pour the ground coffee. Leave the cup to dry.
  2. We decorate the saucer. From the cardboard cut out a semicircle, which in proportion will correspond to the detail of the cup. This workpiece will later become a saucer. Spread it with glue and pour the ground coffee.
  3. Fastening of grains.When the "cup" dries, shake off excess coffee and start to strengthen the grain. To do this, apply a drop of glue to each of them from a hot gun and stick to the parts close to each other, starting from the side. Grains can be laid out in even rows or in chaotic order. And in that, and otherwise it will look beautiful. Similarly, decorate and saucer.
  4. Assembling a panel of coffee beans into one.Cardboard wrap with burlap, fasten it with a stapler or glue along the edges. From the wrong side of the product make hinges, for which in the future the picture will be suspended. In the center, use a thermo-pistol to attach the figurines of the dishes. A few grains glue an arc right next to one side of the cup, forming a handle. Above this image, draw a wavy vertical line with a pencil, spread them thinly with glue and sprinkle with ground coffee. So you paint pairs over a cup of a fragrant drink.
  5. Decoration of panels from coffee beans.Execute the frame, pasting the cardboard along the edges with rows of coffee beans. You can also make it by gluing bamboo sticks, pebbles, shells. Even more impressive will be the frame, in which all these materials alternate.
    a panel of grains

Beautiful and very original panel of grainsis ready to decorate your kitchen or become an excellent gift for your relatives or friends. Such a product will long please not only with its unrivaled appearance, but also with the divine aroma of your favorite drink.