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A monkey from socks with his own hands: a master class

From ancient times people used all kinds of helpersmaterials for creating unique products. So, when it was necessary to take a bored child with something new, moms and grandmothers easily made simple, but surprisingly cute toys from socks. Monkey, in particular, has become a kind of symbol of this unusual kind of needlework. Anyone can make such a cute little animal.

monkey from the sock master class


A monkey from socks, created by handaccessible materials, will be a good gift to the child for any insignificant holiday. In addition, the cheerful monkey is one of the twelve symbols of the year on the eastern horoscope. If you want to give the toy a truly original look, take two socks with heels and toe, which differ in color from the basic shade of the products. From the whole pair you can make all the necessary details of the future figure: body, legs, head, handles, tail, muzzle and ears. For needlework well suited bright striped pair.

So, your goal is a monkey from a sock. The master class presented below will help create a unique soft toy.

Beginning of work

monkey socks toys

  • Unscrew both sock inside out.
  • Put one sock on the table with a heel down. Perhaps, for this you have to add the product unnatural for it. If the fabric is pinched and does not want to lie flat, walk on it with an iron.
  • Draw a line along the center along the toe, beginning withcape and ending at a distance of 2-3 cm from the color heel. In this way, the legs of the monkey are divided. Remember that the heel should still lie on the surface of the table, so if necessary, turn the sock and adjust the desired distance. It is best to use special erasable markers for the fabric. Make sure that the two longitudinal halves are really the same, otherwise your monkey from socks, made with his own hands made under this instruction, will be with a light marriage: one foot will come out thick, and the other - thin.
  • Keeping the sock in a flattened position, sewmanually or with a sewing machine two parallel lines on either side of the center you have marked. The distance between the center line and each of the seams should be approximately 6 mm.
  • Scissor the incision along the center line between the two seams. These are legs, shod in mottled shoes.

Body and head

how to make a monkey from a sock

  • Gradually you get a monkey from socks.With your own hands, you can already fill the first sock from a pair with a suitable filler. For this purpose, usually acquire holofayber, but it is not forbidden to use the usual sintepon or sintepuh. The upper part of the sock, cut at the bottom, will turn into a chest and head. If you are not sure how much filler you can safely put in a toy, evaluate the quality of the sock. Too thin product can not withstand the tight stuffing and stretch, spoiling the appearance of the souvenir.
  • Use a thread and a needle to make a head.For this, sew the prospective line of the neck with stitches 5 mm long. Use a fairly strong thread, as it will be necessary to pull at its ends and narrow the figure to the neck. Tie the ends of the thread knot. Fill the head with a synthetic filler and sew a lumen in the material. As you can see, even a novice master will be able to a simple monkey from the sock; a master class on sewing will be able to perform even a clever child. At the same stage, you can make a fashionable monkey hat. If the upper elastic band corresponds to the whole product, it is easier to make only a round head, forming it with your fingers and sewing it along the neck line. If the elastic band contrasts in color with the main color of the pair, you can simply cut it with scissors (note: the resulting toy will become smaller) or turn the rubber band into an original hat for the animal. To do this, protect the edge and leave the elastic empty, without filler. At the top of the figure should be an empty cone of fabric. Such an original monkey from socks with their own hands will certainly please the child.

Handles, ears and tail

  • Draw on the second toe small details of the figure: tail, two ears, two arms and a nose. The nose pattern should be located on the heel, and the tail should be slightly grasped the area of ​​the contrasting headland. Cut out the parts from both sides of the sock simultaneously.
  • Fold the arms in length and sew, not covering the part that will unite them with the trunk. Repeat the same steps with the tail.
  • Each ear fold in half and cut along the linefold, then sew a semicircle. You will have free that part, through which you will fill the details for their further connection with the figure body.
  • Fill the resulting details (except the nose) with a holofiber or a synthepone and sew them to the appropriate areas on the monkey's body.


Final touches

  • Nose sew on the "face" only partially, then fill with filler. The muzzle of a monkey should come forward - ideally at a right angle.
  • Embroider your mouth. If desired, you can add embroidered nostrils to the muzzle.
  • To make eyes, glue or sew twobuttons on pieces of white felt of similar size. Then in any convenient way, attach the felt to the face. If you like more realistic toys, take the black buttons.

Now you know all about how to make a monkey from a sock.