/ / What should I look for when lush bricks are knit? Hook, rules and ways of performing the elements

What should I look for when lush bricks are knit? Hook, rules and ways of performing the elements

Knitting is very popular combination of openworktechniques together with volumetric. One of these patterns - lush columns. A hook of the appropriate size will help to perform the work very simply and beautifully. The main thing is to follow the schemes and instructions.

lush bows

What is the secret of knitting lush patterns?

Due to what the additional volume appears? In work, use the following rules:

  1. To tie beautiful and tidy curvycolumns, the hook must be selected most accurately. When the rule is complied with, the finished canvas is dense, but not very loose. The pattern becomes a volumetric way of sufficiently free and identical stretching of the filaments.
  2. It turns out that it is not necessary to be able to performcomplex patterns. To perform the simplest ornate ornaments, it is enough to master the basic techniques. For example, to get the pattern shown in the photo, you need to be able to knit a column without a crochet, a column with a crochet (or several), and a chain of simple air loops.
  3. The main secret of mating is, by what principlevyazhutsya lush columns. Hook in this case it is desirable to be the same along the entire length (that is, not to have additional thickenings in 1,5-2 cm from the head), since the execution of the ornament provides for simultaneous presence on the tool of 6 to 14 threads.

lush pillars of crocheted scheme

The basic principles of knitting lush bumps

  • At the beginning of the row, additional loops for lifting are always sewn. Usually their number varies from 3 to 5, depending on the thickness of the yarn and the height of the elongated yarn.
  • When doing the work according to the drawing, you needat the same time, to bind several elements. To do this, the lush columns are performed as follows: the hook is inserted into the loop of the base and pulls the thread to a certain height, then the wrap is made. These two actions are repeated 3 to 7 times. As a result, the instrument has several threads, which are simultaneously tied with a single loop.
  • In some patterns it is possible to usecolumns with several crochets. In this case, on the hook there are two loops from each column that is not tied to the end. During the last stage they are simultaneously closed in a three-dimensional element. But novice needlewomen sometimes find it difficult to knit lush pillars crocheted. Schemes will help you to understand how the pattern is executed. On the example of the proposed motive, let's examine all the stages of the work.

a pattern of lush crochets

The pattern from the lush pillars of the crochet "Flower"

According to the presented scheme, an openwork shawl is made, therefore on the picture on one side a border is indicated. The flower pattern itself is performed as follows:

  • 1st row: A chain of ordinary air loops.
  • 2 nd row: Interleaving columns with one crochet and two loops of a simple chain. On the basis of this, two loops are passed through.
  • 3rd row: 3 lifting hinges, at the last plyvyazhite lush column with 5 free cuffs, similarly perform the same in the next two columns with the outfits of the past row, while the elements do not completely end. Connect all three bars together with one loop. At its base, execute the fourth petal. Then follows a repeating element from the second row.
  • 4th row: The flower ends with two petals, tied at the center of the previous four previous rows. In the openings - a grid of columns with a single cuff from the air loops.
  • 5th row: The main ornament is staggered relative to the located flower in the previous row.

Lush columns can be knit like dense canvases, and quite airy. This property depends on the filling of the ornament with free elements from the air loops.