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Gammas - what is this? History, characteristics and methods of production

When it comes to ordinary subjectswardrobes such as a skirt, dress or trousers, additional questions with the requirements of clarifying their purpose do not arise. In a completely different situation, when asked: "Gamashi - what is this?" Let's find out how they look and what they are wearing.

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Gammas - what is it? The history of their appearance

It turns out that this wardrobe item appearedvery long ago and completely different in appearance from the modern. Gammas were mainly used to protect the feet and shoes. They were sewn in the form of a short cover with a clasp. At the same time, their height sometimes did not reach the knee significantly.

So, in ancient Rome, they always put onGladiators to protect the ankle area from possible damage. Later, the leggings became an obligatory attribute of the soldiers. And indeed, they have long been considered a purely masculine garment. They were used, basically, as a cholponed covering of the foot for riding.

Over time, leggings are becoming popular andwide masses, are becoming one of the fancy things. A special glamor in the late XIX and early XX century was to have white leggings. At this time, they are recognized by women, which makes them completely different in style, color, material used and other characteristics. So gradually the leggings from the object to protect the shoes from pollution turned into a useful warming thing for the feet.

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Length matters

But nevertheless, in spite of the completeness of thehere the information, few people will be able to accurately answer the question: "Gamashi - what is this?" It turns out that the majority opinion is quite erroneous. For some reason, many people call gaiters ordinary trousers or pants. Especially such a judgment is widespread in the northern regions of Russia. But the real leggings should not be longer than the knee. In this case, there is necessarily another property - there is no "paw", like golf or socks. In this case, often from the bar, located in the lower part of the ankle, can go to the ribbon for fastening under the foot.

Qualitative characteristics of the subject


So, it became clear that the leggings themselvesare associated with wearing on top of shoes or in order to preserve heat. Hence, the material from which they are made must be appropriate. But in fact, if you think about "Gammas - what is this?", Immediately there are associations with something warm and soft, is not it? Therefore, it is unequivocal about any delicate things, similar to summer golfs, and there can be no talk. Although some modern supermodels look exactly like that.

After learning about the purpose of gammash, let's find out,what material for manufacturing is most like and with what equipment better to do the work. This will be discussed later in this article. Also a brief description of the manufacturing of insulating stuff for girls is presented.

What material and tool is better to use when knitting a leggings?

In the process of wearing objects should be on the foot at a level just below the knee. Therefore, you need to think about how they should stay there. There are three options:

  • First. The upper edge of the knitted fabric should be made in the form of a hollow hem, in order to insert an elastic band into it.
  • Second. The viscous should be chosen more dense forto the main canvas. Therefore it is more expedient to make knitted leggings with the help of spokes. And as an ornament, choose the pattern "elastic". Of course, you can make your own leggings and crochet, but it will be quite problematic to choose the desired pattern with the required "corrugated" qualities.
  • The third. Make the top part of the leggings on the clasp. This is guaranteed to provide the desired density when on the foot.

leggings for girls with knitting needles

How to tie a leg? Brief instruction

First, select a pattern for the future product. Gaiters for girls with knitting needles are best performed with openwork viscous. Therefore, to begin with, perform a test sample to count the loops. Remove the measurements: girth of the leg in the area under the knee, ankles and the length of the product. You can start knitting both from below and from above. Some models make quite free, and not "tight", with multiple transverse folds. Therefore, they can be knit in the form of a rectangle with a lower and upper elastic band. Also, work on the principle of socks - in a circle - is welcomed.

So, after doing a test samplecalculate the required number of loops and start working with the gum. Make it a width of 5 to 10 cm, depending on the model. The same width will be at the top of the gammash. The original look of warmed models with the removal of braids, large interweaving, knobs and other expressive elements. For sure, the new wardrobe will have to taste any girl, it will become a fashion thing. It is very convenient to wear leggings in cold autumn days over closed shoes, imitating autumn boots.

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