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Costume Koshchei with his own hands - recommendations for manufacturing

Show your fantasy and talents every momcan during home holidays and matinees in children's institutions. What can be more interesting and exciting than making masquerade outfits with your own hands? We bring to your attention an interesting idea for creativity and a useful instruction on how to make a costume of Koshchei the Immortal.

Death in the needle, needle in the egg ...

Costume of the Koshchei
Who is Koshchei (or Kashchei) Immortal, knowsevery child, because we are talking about one of the main villains of Russian folklore. This dark wizard and prince appears in many tales, legends and songs. Very often Koschey acts as a bride kidnapper from good fellows and princes, or fouls positive characters in a different way. What does this scoundrel look like? Most often it is depicted in the image of an animated skeleton or just a very thin and pale person. Koscheche is tall, always appears in a black cloak and crown. Interestingly, the very name of this character means "thin / mean person". It is in this meaning that the word "koshchei" occurs in Old Russian texts. So, as the main villain of Russia looks, we found out. How to make Koshchei's costume with your own hands?

How to draw a skeleton?

Suit of Koshchei with own hands
As a base for the costume of the Prince of DarknessIt is necessary to take a monophonic black tights and a vest / turtleneck. Very well, if from the holiday of Halloween you have a skeleton overall. But unfortunately, such a props can not be found in every Russian house. However, do not worry, it's not difficult to make a skeleton. The easiest way is to draw the bones on the fabric. Make a stencil for painting (for example, paper). Attach it to the fabric, then paint it in white. The outfit will look more effective if you draw a skeleton completely - from the neck to the foot. If Koshchei's costume is reusable, use special textile paints. But there is one more option: if you do not want to spoil your clothes and plan to wear it after the holiday, draw a bone with toothpaste. In this case, the pattern can be washed off without effort if necessary. In the same technique, you can make the costume of Koshchei an adult if playing the main villain will be a dad or older brother.

Bony applique

New Year's costume of Koshchei
Make the basis for the main dark suitwizard Russia can be without colors. Prepare basic black things and take a fairly dense white cloth. Next, you have to draw the templates of a suitable shape, cut out all the elements and sew them to the base by hand or using a sewing machine. If the costume of Koshchei is used only in the episode of the matinee, you can decorate it with applique made of thick paper. For a masquerade adult outfit, it is enough to attach individual items to pins. If the child is transformed into Koshchei, it is better to use the thread - we all know that the children are very restless, and it will be difficult to avoid injuries while using sharp elements. If the room where the show or the feast will be held is not too hot, you can also make gloves in a similar technique.

Crown for the Dark Prince

In all the tales of Koschey the Immortal appears incrown. To make such a headdress is not difficult at all - it is enough to cut it out of cardboard or thick paper. The crown can be glued with foil or painted black. New Year costume Koshchei can be decorated with silver tinsel. Also, the crown can be made of wire. Bend the frame of a suitable shape, paint it from a can or wrap it in a translucent fabric. The crown can be additionally decorated with braid and rhinestones, depicting precious stones. You can supplement the image with a thematic make-up. Draw on the face the continuation of the body-skeleton. You can cover your face in a dark tone and highlight your eyes and lips. Alternative makeup - on the contrary, whiten your face and emphasize your eyes with black. Instead of cosmetics you can use a mask. It can be made by own hands and painted under a skull or purchased in a store of goods for a holiday.

Cloak and other accessories

Suit of an adult
Koshchei's suit is almost ready, but do not forget aboutsuch an important detail as the mantle. Black cloak can be taken from any other fancy dress, for example a vampire or a witch. You can also make it from a suitable cut-off of black fabric. Handle the edges of a rectangular piece of fabric, and at the top, make a kulisk and insert the braid. Cloak is ready, if desired, his hem can be trimmed with artificial fur or decorative fringe. As you can see, it's not difficult to make Koshchei's suit with your own hands. But it will look even more impressive if you supplement it with suitable accessories. The best variant of footwear for this character is black boots. Since Koschey is a prince, he can hang an elegant sword on his belt. Not an extra detail of the image will be an egg, the same thing, inside of which death. Make a piece of foam or use the packaging from the gift. Cover the egg with a silvery paint, dry it and you can go on holiday! You can complete the costume with any silver ornaments and elements. Try to pick a beautiful shiny belt, ring-prints and other interesting accessories.

Who will suit Koshchei?

Suit Koshchei for children
The outfit of the main villain is male by definition.Very often this character appears on children's matinees. Described above ideas to create a dress will make any costume Koshchei - a child or an adult. In kindergartens and schools often perform this role on the matinee invite someone from the popes or older brothers. But what if a child should play this character? First of all, talk with your son and find out if he wants to participate in the performance, performing a similar role. In fact, many are ready to treat humor to such games and do not experience discomfort, portraying "bad" characters. But for some children, such a morning performance will become a real moral upheaval. Therefore, before you begin to make a dress for the holiday, discuss with the child the attitude to the role that has been taken. And if it's sharply negative, ask the head of the initiative and ask him to find another version of the manifestation of his child's creative talent.