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Mat in 3 turns - fatal rookie error

In books with chess problems, a mat in 3 moves will be one of the first puzzles. This is taught already at the first lessons in chess schools.

mate in 3 moves

Children's mat

Many believe that the mate in the 3 turns has anothername - for children. In fact, this is not so. Children's mat is put in four moves. This situation arose from the fact that this arrangement is usually played by newcomers - and this, as a rule, children.

chess problems in 3 moves

The essence of the child mat is toattack the vulnerable cell F7. Vulnerable it is because of the fact that it protects only one figure - the king. Consider a classical mate in four moves white. The first action is a royal pawn on E4. Black should make a similar move. White's second move is a white C4 officer. After that, the black horse goes from B2 to C6, and the white queen goes to H5. Then the most important error occurs - in an attempt to attack the queen the black horse goes to the cell F6. The pawn, which is on the F7, remains protected only by the king, so it is easily captured by the white queen. Game over.

Mat 2 and 3 turns

Mat in the 3 turn very much resembles a fool, which is put in two moves. But there is a difference. If a stupid mate can only put black figures, then on the mat in 3 moves and white are capable. For this them It is necessary to make a move with a pawn that is near the king, two steps, and Black must make a pawnwith a black elephant. The second move of whites can be any, but should not block the way for the queen to the field H5. The classic second move of Black involves a pawn pitch on D5.After that, the white queen can capture the field H5. That's it, the game ends here. Prevent this outcome is very easy. It is enough not to do one of the two steps of the black figures described above.

mate in 3 moves

Mat in three moves with the capture of the opponent's figures

White figures can put a mat for whichIt takes three moves, while capturing several black shapes. To begin with, you need to open the queen, and the opponent must open his king with a pawn, which is located near the elephant. In this case, your pawn can take the opponent's pawn by occupying the field F5. You can finish the game quickly only if your opponent makes a pawn move on D5, so that it is next to your pawn. Such a move would make it impossible for the king to defend himself. The move by the queen diagonally on the cell H5 will complete the game in three moves.

chess problems in 3 moves

This outcome is very rare.Foolish or children's mat are even more rare. To assure the game in this way, your opponent must play bad chess. However, these are the foundations of chess literacy, and they need to be mastered for understanding more complex arrangements.