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The Dragon itself - one of the best gifts

The dragon is a mythical creature,He possesses great strength, grasp, sharp vigilance and cunning. It is not for nothing that the dragon is the emblem of the soldiers of the Romans and the symbol of supreme power not only in ancient, but also in modern China. From many fairy tales we know that dragons live in caves and mountains, guarding their treasures from the encroachment of the enemy.

Today, many of us believe in superstition andomens of life, one of them argues that if you keep the house a symbol or figure of a dragon, then he will necessarily keep all the wealth, and if he is also cajoled, then he will attract prosperity and prosperity to the family. And you can appease the dragon by making it yourself, putting all your sincere love, diligence and desire into work. It is easy to make it easy, only skilled hands, paper and a little time will be needed.

Dragon by own hands

Perhaps the dragon of paper will not onlya symbol of your prosperity, but also simply decoration of the interior or a fun toy for the baby. There are many video classes, master classes on the topic of how to make a toy out of paper. Having become acquainted with the information, it is clear that all genius is simple. The invented dragon with his own hands is very sweet and far from terrible.

Instruction for manufacturing

For dragons made of paper to be created withoutbreaks to find the missing parts, you should prepare in advance all the materials you need for this miracle: printer paper, corrugated paper, colored markers or paints, wooden sticks and glue.

  1. Find the color of the Internet for the future of the dragon in the form of a head and tail.
  2. Print the picture on the printer.
  3. Be creative and brightly paint it.
  4. Cut out the dragon's body in the form of long strips of corrugated paper.
  5. Adhere the opposite ends of the body to the head and tail.
  6. Stick one wooden stick to your head, and the other to the tail.

You can make a dragon by hand onvarious schemes and drawings. This needlework is called origami. Yes, it is heavier in reproduction, but the emotions from the result will completely cover you, making you admire your masterpiece.

Dragons of paper

Associations with the dragon are always bright, excitingfantasy, and therefore your invention should be impressive. So, for example, including fantasy, use various materials, such as glitters, beads, which will give your dragon a special charm.

How to make a toy out of paper

A paper dragon can alsoturn into a living pet by using the effect of illusion. 3D-dragons impress with their originality. It's all about the optical illusion that gives the illusion of movement, the real shaking of the head. Such a craft, like a dragon with his own hands with a 3D effect, is easy to manufacture. It is enough to find a model of the scheme on the Internet, print it out and merge it along the marked lines. The result will not be long in coming. You will be delighted!

A hand-made dragon can serve as a symbolicpresentation. We all know that the best gift is the one that is made by own hands. After all, he has invested so much love, diligence, warm feelings, which will not leave anyone indifferent.