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Earn money on YouTube with someone else's video

YouTube - Today is not only a popular portalentertainment, but also an excellent means of earning. Many have learned to receive a decent profit from their own videos, this is confirmed by the fact that the number of uploaded videos on the hosting increases annually.

There are various options for how to make money inYouTube. The most popular and obvious is the earnings on their videos. To do this, just create an account on YouTube, take a copyright video, register with Google AdSense. You will receive money from viewing ads by visitors who viewed the video on your page. The server will transfer you half the money for 1000 views. That is, the revenue will depend on the number of views. For more information about earning money on YouTube, click here: http://blog-craft.ru/kak-zarabotat-na-youtube/.

Today we'll see if you can earn money on YouTube using other people's videos.

It turns out that this is quite realistic if you have enough knowledge in the field of software and lacks creativity.

1. Sound of finished rollers

As a rule, the authors who shoot the video do notthink about the quality of voice acting, or do not know how to do it qualitatively. It should be remembered that the original soundtrack attracts even more new views. You just need to find a funny video about kote or some tricks, master special programs, and pick up the right music or funny text. You can receive money for advertising from various YouTube partner programs. To do this, the page with your video should be placed advertising. How to make a banner for your site, see here: http://blog-craft.ru/kak-sdelat-banner-dlya-sajta/.

2. Cutting the video

You can make the original video,taking advantage of someone else's video, cutting out the most interesting moments from a long video, or by creating a cut from several videos at once. Further we proceed, as in the previous version. We address to partner programs, we place advertising on page with the roller, and we receive profit from views.

3. Earning in online movies

Many users prefer not to go tocinemas, and watch movies at home online. It turns out that this can also really be earned. You will need to register with the YouTube Partner Program, for example, I-Kino. You will be sent a link to the movie, through which you can attract new users. To do this, a personal clip-trailer of the film is uploaded to the personal page of YouTube, and in the description there is a link to the online cinema with this movie. For 1000 visitors who clicked this link, you will receive 50% of sales.

4. Profit on Torrents

We will also tell you about another variant of earnings,which, however, is not entirely legal, since copyright may be violated. But there are also options. For example, creating your own torrent tracker. Profit, as in the previous cases, will bring the viewing of advertising. Another option may be to promote torrent clients. To do this, register in the affiliate program Mgshare.com. You will receive money for the fact that users who download the movie they need will automatically install the appropriate program on a personal computer. Your profit will depend on the volume of downloads.

So, there are a variety of options for earningin the largest video sharing of YouTube. In addition to making a profit on creating your own videos, today it becomes popular to earn money on other people's videos. At the same time, new and new technologies for the introduction of multimedia content are spreading on the Internet, which leads to the appearance of other opportunities for increasing their own capital.