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Improved ranking due to behavioral factors

For many webmasters, improving the ranking is the main goal. After all, much depends on this, including:

  • number of target visitors;
  • attendance;
  • income from contextual advertising.

improved ranking

That's why many webmasters are fighting for the Top 10delivery. According to the results of research, only a few users go to the second page of search. The majority is satisfied with the first lines. 18% of users pay attention to the site, occupying the first line on request. And up to the owner of the fifth place get only 3%. The difference is impressive! Therefore, it is worth fighting to improve the ranking.

How to improve the ranking of the site?

The position of the resource is influenced by many factors. Of course, search engines do not disclose their algorithms, but, nevertheless, there are ways to influence.

First and foremost, quality content is important,which is competently optimized for search queries. It is important to add fresh articles regularly. The search engines believe that the site, which is constantly updated, is promising and developing. In this case, the articles should give an exhaustive answer to the request.

Improved ranking is associated with usabilitysite. The visitor should easily find all the information that interests him. It is advisable to place blocks of similar materials, a site map and arrange a competent re-linking. These methods allow you to increase the number of pages viewed. And this is important for promotion.

Behavioral factor

Optimizers are struggling to influence theranking factors, and search engines as they can withstand such manipulations. As a result of this confrontation, a behavioral factor appeared. Relatively speaking, the search engine believes that the main qualities of a good site are:

  • a large number of pages visited (low bounce rate);
  • long stay on the site;
  • users willingly share interesting content (in social networks).

site ranking

How to influence the behavioral factor?

First of all, the site should be really interesting to the user. Articles should not just be interesting. They have to:

  • easy to read (small paragraphs, subtitles, lists, photos);
  • give a detailed answer to an advanced query(relevance of the site); if, after visiting your site, the user returns to the search, then your article is not so useful (this is taken into account).
    site relevance

To increase the length of stayyou can use different methods. For example, add a thematic video or an interesting puzzle. Many bloggers hold contests. For example, you want to write an article, make a puzzle, answer the question correctly, etc. This is a great way to improve the behavioral factor.

You can also stimulate the appearance of comments. True, improving the ranking does not happen if you give free spammers. Rather, the position of the site may deteriorate. After all, a large amount of spam repels "live" users.

Another option is a contest for the best commentator of the month. Usually the winner is encouraged with a small cash prize. But you can do with a simple Top commentators.

And the best way is to enlist the support of a professional who will make a strategy for promoting your resource.