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What is a teaser network, and what is done with it?

In English, the teaser stands for"Teaser", "zavlekalochka." This type of advertising is ads that are displayed on the network in order to attract the interest of users. In this teaser advertising does not show the product itself, but only stimulates the desire to click on the image and learn more information. Most often, it is used by advertisers when launching a completely new product or service with the aim of creating intrigue.

what is a teaser network

What is a teaser network?

A teaser network is an intermediary between the ownersite and the advertiser. How it works? Suppose an advertiser wants to place teaser advertising, and he has a specific budget for buying traffic for his site. Of this amount, one part goes to the portal where the teaser is located, the rest is paid to the intermediary, that is, goes to the teaser network. The network is engaged in providing the right platforms for placing advertisements. In addition, if necessary, it can assist the advertiser in creating additional materials and setting up teaser advertising.

Do not know what a teaser network is and how it ishelps? Carrying out an advertising campaign through a teaser network, the customer can not worry about how and where to promote his products on the Internet. All these issues are taken over by the traffic exchange. In addition, the partner network fully controls the flow of funds and the effectiveness of advertising on other sites. Directly these factors help to make profit to advertising platforms and to attract traffic to goods and services to advertisers.

rating teaser networks

Tizernye showcases

Today teaser networks offer different characteristics when setting up an ad unit:

  • visual settings;
  • the choice of format, theme, scale.

To evaluate the teaser ads of any ad network, you can watch their content in the window, a certain teaser.

Showcases teaser networks - a selection ofTo the different offenders, which are being twisted on it at the moment. Looking through the window, you can determine what services or goods are now relevant, and evaluate their design and creativity. The lower the CRT teaser, the lower it will be located on the page.

In addition, after analyzing the window, you canDetermine which topics are interesting in this teaser network. First of all, you need to see which topic has the largest number of ads, and secondly, which teasers are located at the top of the storefront.

showcases teaser networks

Teaser traffic

The most successful way to promote, for example,news sites, is teaser advertising, from which literally tons of traffic go to the site. This is because the cost of contextual advertising for such large-format sites is very high, in addition, news teasers are very attracting users.

Most people are interested in news and eventsby themselves, and if you still wrap them in an attractive teaser, the result will certainly be. That's why news sites can advance well with this kind of advertising. It's always possible to attract traffic through the teaser network to your own portal without any special efforts, without paying huge amounts for shows and transitions.

In addition, recently teaser advertisingstrive to give the maximum "themability", placing only those advertising teasers that fit the direction of the site. For example, if you are a female website, your ads will not be posted on the car portal. This approach allows advertisers to increase the effectiveness of an advertising campaign on the Internet.

best teaser networks

How to choose a teaser network

Do not know what a teaser network is and how it ispick up? The main factor for earning on an advertising campaign on the Internet is a well-chosen teaser network, which performs its work qualitatively. In addition, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Advertising without viruses.
  • A large number of advertisers.
  • The ability to customize the design of teasers (so that it suits the design of your site).
  • Different methods of payment.
  • Convenience of work with advertising.

The best teaser networks

First of all, it is worth mentioning that the bestnetworks do not happen: what is good for one, it can be bad for another. Before you start working with any network, it is worth to study user feedback, and then check everything on yourself. Your opinion may not coincide with others, because there are many factors that are related to time. Today, this is the number one partner, and tomorrow everything can change a lot.

teaser network reviews

The next important factor is the content of the portal. For one site teaser advertising is ideal, another may not bring any revenue.

So, you need to try all the popular teasersnetworks, reviews of which are good, but not all at the same time. Arrange four teaser blocks of different organizations and analyze the result for two to three months. Pay attention to the location of the block, the ratio of conversions and earned rewards. The most unpromising network is replaced by another, fixing for yourself the result for a set period. It is possible that the next network will work even worse. Through trial and error, you will find a "golden mean" with time.

Teaser networks

There are a lot of partner networks, and it's rather difficult to deal with them at first. For an example, let's get acquainted with some of them:

  • "Teasernet". This is the most popular system in the rating of teaser networks, which many like because of the following reasons:
  1. The number of settings for displaying teasers. You can easily customize the teaser for the design of your site, while immediately showing how it will look on the site.
  2. Traffic at a bargain price.
  3. Payments are made on "WebMoney" and on "Yandex.Money".
  4. The opportunity to earn a good income.
  5. There are detailed statistics.
  6. Different formats of advertising campaigns.
  7. Filter. Owners of advertising platforms can filter out "shocking" and unnecessary advertising.

Women's theme

  • "Thither." Perfect for ladies, because:
  1. Accepts women's portals aimed at runet, with a significant percentage of traffic from search engines, otherwise the site will not be allowed to this system.
  2. You can collect good traffic teaser network for projects.
  • "Ladykash". Teaser network of women's themes, which has the following features:
  1. Payment for clicks.
  2. Accepts portals with traffic not less than 50 people per day.
  3. It has an attractive and interesting design with simple functionality.

General topics

  • "Body kit". A good analogue of "Tyzernetu" with its features:
  1. Help with setting up teaser advertising.
  2. Settings. Each advertising campaign can set a different cost per click.
  3. In addition to teasers, you can use banner and contextual advertising, clicker, messenger.
  • "Adlabs". Another good partner with its advantages:
  1. Excellent debugged filtering system.
  2. Careful moderation system.
  3. Excellent quality of advertising teasers.

Of course, not all teaser networks that exist exist. And if for some reason you are not satisfied with the above-mentioned partners, then you can easily find other services.

traffic teaser network

So, now you know what teaser isnetwork, how to choose it, so that an advertising campaign on the Internet was effective. In addition, do not forget that teaser network can help you save time on creating advertisements. And also it will be useful to the owners of Internet portals, which can make good money with this type of advertising.