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Indexing the Site in Search Engines

The most important source of attracting visitors to thesite is the work of search engines. Therefore, the timely and complete indexing of the site in the search engines is so important. The more pages you get to the index, the more likely that information from your resource will reach readers.

For each user request, search enginesgive out a list of indexed pages that contain a word or phrase that is written into the search string. Indexing is a rather unpredictable process. Some sites fall into the top lines of issuance almost immediately after the creation, and some have to be driven there for months. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to the indexing process from the very beginning.

Indexing a site in search engines is possible after the resource is added by the webmaster to the database. Search robots regularly visit sites, if they do not have specific filters.

That the robots saw your resource, you need to add itin search engines. In addition, it is useful to place links to it on third-party resources: social networks, blogs, forums and all sorts of comments to any thematic resources.

The indexing of a site in the search engines depends onits filling. Search engines appreciate the so-called unique content. Or, in another way, the resource should be filled with articles specially created for it, and not copied from other sources. To rise to the first places in the ratings is possible only under this condition. Plagiarism by search engines is ignored and does not have any rating at all.

In order to index the site in searchsystems, you need to consistently perform a number of operations. First, you need to create a special robots.txt file in the root folder. In it, you need to specify folders that are forbidden to index (admin panel and others at the discretion of the creator of the site). In the same folder, create a sitemap.xml file, which specifies all the pages that should be available for indexing.

Then you should register with the google-panel for webmasters at www.google.com/webmasters/. Here you need to add your resource with the file sitemap.xml.

After that you need to register on Yandexat www.narod.yandex.ru. Here you need to create a site with one page containing content with a link to the website being promoted. In the workshop, you need to add the site to the index by specifying the sitemap.xml file.

Next, the resource must be registered in the "Top 100 Rambler" at www.top100.rambler.ru.

For users mail.ru the site needs to be added to the catalog www.top.mail.ru. Adding a site to the search engines, in principle, at this stage can be stopped. These are good resources that will cope with the successful deduction of your resource "into people".

Be sure to include the site in the directory at www.liveinternet.ru, so it was convenient to view all information about visits to the site. This is convenient because it allows you to find out which search engines visitors come from and on what queries.

One more important point. Search engines often research blogs. Therefore, it is useful to leave your texts in blogs and indicate in them links to your site.

After all this, you need to create a site map informat xml. To do this, the Google XML Sitemap is useful. Next, you should install the RSS feed and add it to the RSS aggregators. You can also create free diaries on the services of Ya.ru or WordPress.com with links to your resource. The fact is that these services enjoy the special trust of search engines, so they are so effective.

For indexing to be faster, you need to follow the next point. Search engines do not like tangled web codes. The site should be as clear and friendly as possible to visitors.

Pages should not be deeper than three clicks from the main page. To do this, you need to carefully think over the structure of the resource or make a site map.

Filling in the resource, keep in mind that the search enginescan index not more than 100-200 kB of text on one page. Therefore, if you want indexing a site in search engines was possible on every page, do not load it more than 100 KB.