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How to increase website traffic

Attendance of the web resource can be increased bymoney or for free. Most newbies who are just starting their way in the blogosphere, try to do without unnecessary expenses. However, this approach would not hurt an experienced blogger or webmaster. How to increase traffic to the site without spending a single ruble?

The first thing that affects attendance is a place,on which the site is located in the search engine. The highest figures are given by those resources that occupy the first 5-6 lines. The rest can only hope for the attention of the user. However, the attendance of sites depends not only on the place in the search engine. There are some minor, at first glance, details, which, nevertheless, are of great importance.

For example, few people pay attention to snippets. These are such small descriptions under the link to the page. It is known that the snippet is capable of both attracting the user and pushing it away. A place in the top does not guarantee high attendance, if the description of the page does not tell the user that he will find on the site what he was looking for. Having given the correct description, you can significantly increase the traffic of sites. When composing snippets, we must remember that search engines such as Yandex and Google work in different ways.

If Google for a brief description usesmainly the text that is located in the tag "description", then Yandex pulls out pieces of text for this purpose. For the correct delivery of descriptions, it is necessary to approach responsibly to the content of the site. How to increase traffic to the site with the help of old articles? It's quite simple. Usually, the webmaster makes a re-link at the time of writing a new article, referring to the old ones. You can raise the attendance of the resource by rewriting old articles. You just need to leave references to new posts in them. Of course, it will take a long time and will require patience. But the result is worth it. After all, then readers of old posts will be able to switch to new publications.

Thinking about how to increase traffic to the site,no one for some reason does not remember about the optimization of pictures. But this move can significantly increase the number of visitors. In addition to additional traffic, the optimization of images has a beneficial effect on the page as a whole. Therefore, we must take seriously the pictures. Attendance is strongly influenced by the appearance of the site and its navigation. If the web resource is convenient, looks nice and is not full of advertising, then the user can return to it. If the site is executed somehow and without a clear interface, then even the most high-quality and useful content will not help it. Because the user will simply find another resource of a similar theme, on which it is easy to navigate.

Most people are repelled by various banners. It is not very pleasant to constantly get on the same advertisement of questionable content. Constantly emerging banners do not add popularity to the site. It is better to have a little advertising, but that it would bring the maximum return. And the return is provided by the visitors. How to increase traffic to the site and attract new users? For this, there are social networks and various services for announcements. Social networks are a real treasure for a blogger. Here every day there are millions of people who are looking for useful links.

As a platform for attracting visitorsyou can use a group or community. When a user came to the site, appreciated its design and navigation convenience, content began to work. It is from the content that it begins to depend, whether the user remains permanent or not. Qualitative and interesting articles will always be in demand. If the information on the site is useful, then it will be in demand. The content is presented with one more requirement - it must be constantly updated.