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Marketplace "Fabrikant" - your step to success

Internet trading has recently gained significant momentum. But business does not stand still - all new opportunities for profitable

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ideas. So, along with usual trade forums, online stores, new prospects of doing business - trading platforms. Opportunities in this sphere are much greater, and the approach is more serious.

Example of a trading platform

Trading platform "Fabrikant" is a kind ofa virtual basis for carrying out activities on a large scale. Here are represented not retail companies, but corporate business in the heavy industry and not only.

Here you can talk about a new approach to doing business, because the trading platform "Fabrikant" also implements projects in the field of government bidding, guarantees and so on.

Features of such a site

This trading tool is presented in six sections, in which there are sub-sections.

Fabricant marketplace

Main sections:

  • Corporate bidding.
  • Bidding of enterprises operating in the nuclear industry.
  • Procurement of shipbuilding enterprises.
  • Bidding on the 223-FZ.
  • Bidding for bankruptcy.
  • Procurement for state and municipal needs.

Let's look briefly at each section.

Corporate Bidding

Trading platform "Fabrikant" providesthe opportunity to conduct corporate bidding between the largest holdings of our country. Such "business sharks" as JSC "SOLLERS", OJSC "Rostelecom", "RUSAL" and others participate here.

The purpose of this section is to find the optimal solution inpurchase or sale of certain services or goods. The opportunity to bargain, throw off the price, make up a contract - the advantage of working on the resource "Fabrikant." The trading platform provides its clients with a full package of tools: the possibility of financial analysis, forecasts, courses and others.

Bidding of enterprises operating in the nuclear industry

Electronic Trading Platform
In order to avoid unnecessary costs, as well as specialized narrowness in the search for employees, suppliers, buyers, "Fabrikant" offers its services for this business segment.

Procurement of shipbuilding enterprises

Trading platform "Fabrikant" is an assistant for enterprises in the sphere of shipbuilding. Here you can find a partner, an investor. It is also easy to purchase the necessary profile equipment.

Trading on the 223-FZ

This section is intended for enterprises with a state share in the capital and helps to conduct their activities in accordance with federal law No. 223.

Bidding for bankruptcy

"Fabrikant" is an electronic trading platform,which is designed for different business conditions, carries out activities in the field of sale of collateral, sales of tangible and intangible collateral. This way, it helps two sides: the lender - from the costs of selling and recovering the debt and the borrower - in terms of assistance in the sale of collateral.

Procurement for state and municipal needs

Create the most attractive offers,To declare itself in the markets of tender purchases for the state is possible with the help of this trading platform. Also for specialists in public procurement this section gives the opportunity to choose the most reliable performer at a pleasant price.