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How to invite users of the social network to the "Contact" group

You are an entrepreneur and you have what you cansuggest, did you open your business or plan to do it? Naturally, you want to know how to attract interest to your proposal. Today, the promotion of its business on the Internet is very popular, therefore everyone who thinks about developing their own business has a website.

how to invite to a group in contact
Independently or, using the servicesexperts, you have created and filled your site with everything that, in your opinion, should arouse the interest of potential consumers and be in demand. It remains a matter of small - to attract customers or buyers. How to do it? Here groups will come to help in social networks. Surely you have an account in some popular social project, for example VKontakte. If not, it's worth creating, it's better to have a few. Such a move, no doubt, will expand the circle of your communication and help spread the information about the proposal. So, in social network VKontakte there is your page where you will communicate with friends and share information. Create a group that corresponds to the direction of your activity, fill it with relevant information and be sure to include a link to the site. Now you need to invite to the group those who are interested in your proposal.

How to invite to the group in "Contact"?

invite to group
You probably have friends who know aboutyour business and buy goods, use services. Find them on social networks through search and send an application to add to friends. Then you can invite all friends to the group who will receive information there, comment posts, express their opinion. To do this, you need to go to the group and select the function "Invite friends", then a list of your friends will open, which you can send an invitation to. To increase the number of visitors to your site, you need to increase the number of participants in the group. How can I invite new members to the group? Fill it with interesting posts daily, except for information about your product or services, conduct promotions and publish news about special offers.
invite all friends to a group
Information should be relevant to yourfriends could share it on the wall of their page. Track those who put "likes" and send them invitations to add to you as friends.

There are still opportunities for how to invitegroup. In "Contact" you can advertise your community. In the group there is an option "Advertise community", using which you can declare yourself for a certain target audience. You can advertise not only in this social network, but also on the websites of your partners. All the conditions for creating an advertisement can be found by selecting the appropriate function. Make your VKontakte group of an open type, attractively design, use advertising to promote it, and then the question of how to invite to the group in "Contact" will not bother you. Your users will be added themselves, read your posts, visit the site, order services or make purchases, and you can use feedback to improve the pages of the site and created communities for the successful promotion of your business.